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Going Out To Swim With Alligators Is A Huge Thrill

By Alta Alexander

There is always something in the news from somewhere around the world of people getting attacked by crocodiles and alligators. Many people try to avoid coming into contact with them while others prefer to actually swim with alligators. Some actually have kids' parties and they seem to be a big hit.

One very important rule that everyone must adhere to is to never feed them. If this is done they will no longer by afraid of humans but will become much bolder and will seek them out. If one is aware that there are these creatures in rivers etc and there are other animals such as ducks, refrain from feeding them as this will encourage the alligators to associate humans with easy food. Cleaning fish or leaving bait on the ground will also invite them closer and those found feeding them will be given a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars or thirty days in jail.

The gharial is also commonly known as the fish eating crocodile and is mainly found in the Indian Subcontinent. It is estimated that there are as few as two hundred and thirty five left. This is considered to be because of the loss of their habitat as well as the depletion of fish. They are now on the list of critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They have been around the longest when it comes to all crocodilians and can measure up to six and a quarter metres in length. They have a very long and thin snout and there are one hundred and ten very sharp teeth. The male of the specie has a bulb on the end of the nose and this is referred to as a ghara.

The most popular specie to be kept captive was the Caiman crocodile but has now been taken over by the Dwarf caimans. They do not grow to be very large and seem to be more available. Their natural habitat is along the Amazon River in South America. They are more nocturnal and will spend their days hiding out in burrows.

If ever coming across a nest or baby alligators rather leave them alone. The mother might not be seen but she is in the close proximity of her babies and if they are in danger she will not hesitate to attack. Sometimes she may just hiss or lunge and this is her way of indicating that one is too close to her family.

The next is the placement of the teeth. In the lower jaw of the alligator it is wider than the upper jaw and overlaps it so the teeth in the lower jaw are totally hidden when the mouth is closed. The forth upper tooth does tend to show when the jaw is shut. In the crocodiles both jaws are about the same allowing the teeth to show and the lower tooth is noticeable as well.

Introducing children to them is a good thing as they will learn that respect is needed when in their habitat. Those that are allowed to attend parties are needed to be kept on a leash at all times to prevent injury. They are generally also restrained by tape in order to keep the mouths closed.

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