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The Different Zoos In Tampa

By Alta Alexander

Tampa is known to be a city in the state of Florida which is actually famous for a lot of tourist attractions that would please the foreigners. In fact, one of the things that this city is known for would actually be their zoos. If one is a fan of animals and would want to visit this city, here are some of the zoos in tampa to visit.

Of course if one would go to florida, then he definitely cannot miss out a visit to the Lowry Park Zoo which is very well known in this city. Now for those who do not know, this particular zoo is actually one of the biggest and would actually be home to many animals. Not only are the animals there well taken care of but the place is also beautiful as well.

Aside from the animals to see, there are also illuminated displays that are very beautiful at night. There is also a petting zoo inside the place that will allow children to touch some of the tamer animals as well as feed them. Now they also have some kiddie rides that the children can ride in to further enjoy their stay.

If one is into amusement parks, then he will definitely love the Busch Gardens. What makes this place very unique is that this place is a mix of an amusement park as well as a zoo. That way, those who are animal lovers and those who would love the excitement of a ride.

Now the Busch Gardens actually do have a lot of exotic animals that the visitors can look at. Aside from that, there are amazing rides in that place that would really give the people the fun that they want like the roller coaster. Aside from that, the food in this place is also very amazing as the place would serve some very exotic dishes to their customers.

If one is into cats, then he will definitely love the Big Cat Rescue which is a place that only shows different species from the cat families. This would include lions, leopards, tigers, panthers, and other types of exotic wild cats. Although it is quite pricey, it is definitely worth the price if one would want to see some great big cats.

Lastly would be the florida aquarium which is an indoor aquarium that would have a lot of animals as well as fish. The animals that are being displayed in the aquarium are all marine animals like penguins, crocodiles, and other types of animals. There are also a lot of very interesting fish there like different kinds of dolphins, sharks, and many other different species of fish.

So if one is a tourist, then he will definitely love visiting these places in this city. Of course the animal lovers will definitely have a fun time because they will be able to see a lot of animals that they cannot see everyday. So for the vacationers out there, take a look at this list and visit some of the places listed here.

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