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Explore Two Historic Cultures At Adventurous Places To Stay In Haida Gwaii

By Stella Gay

Though many have discovered the mystical place known as St. Charlotte Islands, the extra time and travel connections it takes to arrive there keeps this archipelago pristine and less traveled. For this reason, there is much to seek out and adventure to enjoy while visiting. Now, savvy travelers know to make arrangements for lodging and activities far in advance, as the chance to see the arts and culture of the ancient peoples that live there is a worth it.

Though there are several towns peppered along the sea shore and nestled into the local rain forests, this is not a place that can accommodate large numbers of visitors. Advance reservations for lodgings are important and tickets for ferries, planes and other forms of transportation are also recommended. The planning you do to find out what you want to see and do will help you to decide which places to stay in haida gwaii.

Top of the list for most tourists is the chance to view the artwork and dwelling of the Haida Nation. The two clans that make up this distinct culture include the Eagles and the Ravens. Their graphic designs fill their architecture and arts. Their works are highly collectible and popular in the artistic world. Their heritage probably is at least thirteen thousand years old, if educated estimates are correct. Some visitors stay in Sandspit, Masset or Tlell in order to enjoy the best of this ancient culture through day trips and guided excursions.

Many travelers make the journey with camping in mind. They hope to enjoy seeing things up close, and may have spent time on the road staying in other campsites along the way to this destination. There are seasonal places to stay. Beach adjacent sites are available for both tents and recreational vehicles. These are nice for people who come to beach comb and take side day trips.

Salmon fishers come to catch some of the largest fish possible. They plan their stays in local lodges that cater to fishermen. Guided trips for salt or fresh water fishing are scheduled with boats that are fully equipped with everything necessary for a day of sport on the sea or the rivers. Experts sail right along with visitors, assisting with bait, gear and tackle.

Queen Charlotte City is a nice small community with bed and breakfast establishments. There are day excursions that could include a stop at the local farmers market or an ocean front eatery. There are many farms selling fresh products and beautiful seaside views.

Small guest houses and hotels are found in traditional Port Clemens, Masset, and Tlell. These are close to rain forest trails, beaches, and Haida artist studios.

Popular day sight seeing include the Gwaii Haanas National Park or the Haida Heritage Center and Museum. Activities such as surfing, hiking, and whale watching are all favorites. Though it is possible to book stays in hotels, cabins and private guest homes, it can be nice to get away from the busier spots and stay in the town of Sandspit. It is the only one on Moresby Island. Enjoying this magical archipelago and its two cultures is a visual feast.

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