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France Wine Tours For Oenophiles And Tourists

By Alta Alexander

There's not much debate that oenophiles find French wines to be the world's best. But the pleasure of sipping these wines is no match for the thrilling experience of discovering them on France wine tours. There is simply no match for the French in terms of the dazzling array of producing regions, vineyards, wineries, cellars and the extraordinary talent they have for coming up with great wines.

There is a whole new world waiting for visitors on these trips. Uncorking a bottle of French champagne at home is hardly a match for the pleasure of poking around in Champagne, checking out the vineyards and stopping by for tastings at every cellar along the way. Paris day trips frequently end up as a tasting or culinary expedition in Champagne-Ardenne or the Loire Valley.

It's hard to say whether a walk on the Avenue de Champagne is more thrilling for Francophiles or oenophiles. A bike trip into the heart of the Alsace region is just as enjoyable. Producers offer free tastings to anyone who cares to drop in, so the tours are able to wander around at will and hop around tasting everything that is good and famous in the region.

But the best option for vino lovers who want to head out of Paris for a day is without any doubt the Loire Valley. The lush green slopes and hillsides dotted with vineyards and castles looks like something from a bygone era. The tour guides on these trips are oenophiles and very familiar with every vineyard and all the wines each producer has to offer in the region.

Those who are taking the train from Paris will be met at the station and taken along for a magical day of exploration and tastings. The commentary is made in English, so guests from all over the world are able to enjoy the trip and learn a lot. Some people prefer a more relaxed trip at their own pace. This can be arranged through guided day trips or weekend trips for individuals and couples.

The die-hard winetripper, so to speak, has many more options a long way from Paris. For example, Bordeaux is a three-hour train trip from Paris. Just decide to stay back for a couple of days or more and explore the region at leisure. Those willing to devote the time it takes can expect a highly memorable culinary weekend or week discovering the Bordeaux wine regions like Medoc and Saint Emilion.

Bordeaux also offers the chance to go off the beaten track in terms of tour options. It's possible to combine visits to all the vineyards with stops at Michelin-starred restaurants and cheese shopping sprees. Visitors may just as well take a harvest tour as part of a luxury chauffeur-driven guided trip where they learn about the incredible hard work that goes into creating one good bottle of wine.

All this is just a small part of all the exciting possibilities. Every region from Burgundy to Provence, Corsica and the Rhone Valley has its own specialty tour experiences and superb wines awaiting discovery by visitors. Just pick one or more based on the budget and time available, and decide the kind of French wine tour it should be.

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