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A St John USVI Travel Guide Can Help Plan The Trip

By Kathrine Franks

A trip to St. John U. S. Virgin Islands is a treat indeed for those who shun the big city while on vacation. A St John USVI travel guide can help plan the trip to this idyllic American territory. It just so happens that it is a highly-rated vacation spot for travelers from around the world. The guide is more than useful in achieving a great itinerary and in not missing some key sights. You will enjoy learning about West Indian culture while you savor local traditions and cuisine. No wonder the location is on many a travel wish list.

The best time to go they say is mid-December to the end of April. This is when you will find most tourists since it is the winter season elsewhere. On the islands, the tropical climate is warm, which is a major draw to snow dwellers. The rainy season comes later, making this season particularly appealing.

Most people go, understandably, during peak season when it is winter back home - a time of snow and sleet. This falls between mid-December until the end of April. Tropical islands are warm and inviting at this time of year. It doesn't get cold and it is therefore a true escape.

The shoulder season is somewhat popular just before and after peak time. It is still pleasant and offers an accommodating climate. For those who eschew crowds, it is a must as you can enjoy touring and sports activities practically alone. The off-season is the least appealing due to the intense rains. This time of year is from August to October, with hurricanes most prevalent in August and September. When the rains start dissipating, tourists start to return.

A word about entry requirements: US citizens do not need passports. Apart from that, it is easy to fly to the island from major urban airports such as New York, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, or Philadelphia. Otherwise, you may need connecting flights through San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can fly direct to St. Thomas and St. Croix and enjoy the ferry service. It also goes to and from the British Virgin Islands.

The ferry is a definite tourist attraction and it has an ample schedule. It is available in the regional magazines such as St. Thomas/St. John This Week, and it is updated regularly. It is something not to miss. You can also take it to explore outer regions such as the British Virgin Islands. Mention should also be made of the wonderful and luxuriant Virgin Islands National Park on St. John, which you can visit at no charge.

While you do not need a passport to visit, you will need certain vaccinations four to six weeks before your scheduled departure. They are routine in nature and do not cause concern. Details on the regulations surrounding immunization is available by contacting the number shown on the St. John US Virgin Islands website. As with any trip outside the US mainland, it pays to plan ahead.

A vacation to this island will be most pleasurable, making it a must for island aficionados. You can explore the region including the nearby resorts according to your preferences. There is a bit of petty crime and some say not to walk alone at night, but for the most part, the area is quite safe.

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