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Information About DIY Kits Of Duracoat Aerosol

By Kathrine Franks

Gun enthusiasts want the best when it comes to protecting their firearms and customized finishes. Especially when those finishes include ferrous metals, wood, stainless steel, synthetics, and alloys. There is no heating or baking required. Here are a few tips on using DuraCoat Aerosol, and be sure to ask your Lawrence, KS supplier about Peel 'N Spray templates.

Some people like a smooth finish and others like some other type of texture. Just about any surface is possible with these products ranging from camo to a pearl texture. It is even possible to create layers of texture and then finish them off with a protective coating of the clear product to reduce dings and scratches.

The help guide makes it possible to read and understand how to mix the ratio of DuraCoat and its company product the hardener so that the finished item looks professionally done. Just 1 part Hardener to 12 parts DuraCoat leaves the weapon with a smooth surface and nice shine. For more shine use ten parts to 1 part.

When using the stick on templates, they leave an adhesive residue that is easily removed using mineral spirits and a clean, dry cloth. Be sure to remove all of the adhesive before applying a coat of the DuraClear so that they do not leave bubbles on the finished project. Also use a good cleaner to remove oil, grease, and any other contaminants before applying new finishes.

For the fastest drying time, many gun owners use a heat setting of 110 degrees F for about 1 hour to speed up the process and reassemble their weapons. Once the surface is completely dry most cleaners, abrasive solvents and lubricants will not harm the new finish. For best results allow three to six weeks for full drying and curing.

Keep in mind that DuraCoat is available in over 200 colors, including Clear and those 200 colors when mixed will match any color in the spectrum. The Aerosol Kit contains a spray can that easily allows mixing the dryer with the color mixture for perfect results and easy to access and clean up afterward.

Remember that a clean surface is the best to ensure the desired results of any firearm customization. Once dismantled check all interior surfaces, and if necessary use a mirror to make sure all corners and crevices are clear of debris. DuraCoat Cleaner is excellent for this procedure because it leaves no film or residue.

Please make sure to unload the firearm before starting any cleaning process, or customization and even then make sure the safety of on. Once the cylinder, magazine, and the chamber is empty, continue dismantling your weapon and place the parts in the order in which removed to make it easier to reassemble them, later.

Keep gun safety at the forefront of all activity involving a pistol, rifle or automatic weapon. After all, you could accidentally shoot yourself! The ask a well-trusted supplier about this new technology that allows people to customize their guns. Choose the colors and textures you like best and enjoy a new experience with a gun that reflects your personality.

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