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The Main Features Of Colt 1911 Customization

By Phyllis Schroeder

Personality and style definitions exist in guns too. If a gun does not fit the style or personality the owner aspires it to, they can have it changed. The requirement shall be that the owner has a clear image of such a version. Experts whose speciality is colt 1911 customization are numerous. These professionals may remodel the weapon as along as changes maintain safety and feasibility.

Most clients opt to adapt changes to their guns based on targeting, carrying, personal defence, plinking, war, hunting, collection, presentation or simply adoration. Customization of firearms revolves around three basic premises. These are beautification, reliability and accuracy. The best gunsmiths aspire to find a perfect balance between these three. Where firearms and their basic intentions are concerned, form needs to follow function otherwise form is pointless.

The United States Air Force and Army were the original institutions who commissioned modifications on the 1911 colt. Their objective was attaining better performance in competitions for their respective teams. Every other development stems from this first attempt at attaining extra reliability and accuracy.

This activity has two prongs. One is making the weapon accurate and two is making user friendly. Should the weapon be accurate but is hard to operate, it will not perform optimally. Figuring out this challenge constitutes the speciality of customization. A firearm is required to possess sights allowing repeatable and good sight pictures. Pulling the trigger needs to be light work. Should the trigger pull be heavy, move sights will jump away from targets on trigger squeezing. The weapons ergonomics must not cause pain and neither should it increase fatigue with each consequential shooting.

Addition of accessories appearing on various media and magazines is usually feasible within the process of customization. Two categories feature here. It is either integrated to the firearm or an extension. Examples include rubber grips added on and gun stippling or checkering. A challenge to this is that an accentuated grip may impede shooting for small-handed shooters.

Attaining mechanical accuracy falls into a much simpler concept. With the objective of allowing a firearm to function properly, the gunsmith needs to make the firearm shoot from the same spot mechanically whenever a shooter squeezes a trigger. Should the barrel remain undamaged this forms the least complicated area of attaining accuracy. Over time superior sights have evolved, better triggers made and so have superior barrel systems of lock up. Much of these have drizzled right down to today carry guns as versions of a customized 1911 full size.

Accuracy, at its most basic form, refers to the performance of the same thing every time. Making a gun accurate means it does this leaving any anomalies in the hands of the shooter. Having achieved this, the challenge proceeds to ensuring a shooter perfects their shooting to an art.

The customization industry has drastically changed based not on revolution but on evolution. New alloys, new CNC machines, better optics, finishes and electronics have all brought changes to the manner things are done. A popular form of restyling centres around finishing. Digitized colours and finishes such as desert sand digital camouflage allows the firearm to blend into the terrain. However, the military still lead where customization is concerned. This is because combat does not allow taking any chances.

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