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Flying With Tunis Air

By Jonny Blair

Here is my list of the worst airline companies in the world!

1. Taca in Peru

Taca are from Peru and are a terrible airline company. They messed up our flight and have screwed up a load of other people's flights down the years. The bus would have been faster! They are best avoided!! Avoid using Taca if you are in Peru.

2. Australian Airline Jetstar

Despite initially loving their cheap kick-ass fares, Jetstar quickly proved their lack of customer service to me in 2011. I had started a new job and been lucky to be given a whopping THREE days off in my first month, just so I could fly all the way back to the UK to attend a wedding. One of my best mates as a child was Michael McClelland and so I wanted to be there in Belfast for his big day. It would also be my first time in Northern Ireland for some 800 days - my longest ever time away from my native land. So I booked 2 flights with Jet Star as it was just so cheap even with connections, I then booked another two flights with Air Asia and Easyjet meaning I could get home to Michael's wedding, but would have 4 flights to take, a half day in Kuala Lumpur and a full day in Paris on route. Two cities I'd been to before, but hey I could see family and attend a wedding and keep my job as a school teacher in Hong Kong. All the flights were cheap. All looking good.

3. Aerolineas Argentinas

In Argentina I had a nightmare with Aerolineas as they scheduled a flight of mine before the first flight had even left the city the second flight needed to be in, in order for it to arrive on time.

- on three occasions they changed my flight time

- even made me change airports at Buenos Aires

- my flight was cancelled

- delayed the new flight they put me on (refusing to even give me a FREE COFFEE)

- they blamed computer error

4. Airline Company Cathay Pacific

This airline company Cathay Pacific lost my bag in 2012. It was totally crazy. After losing it they then claimed that I hadn't even handed my bag in which was total negligence on their side as I handed it in and they managed to not even put it on my flight. This meant when I was in Belfast for 5 days my bag was in Hong Kong. I finally got it sent across but with no compensation offered.

5. Cheap Company Air Asia

Air Asia have to be the worst airline company out there. They offer no compensation whatsoever for any kind of cancelled or delayed flight. Not even a free cup of tea and I have been on lots of delayed and cancelled flights from them!

- Air Asia are a shit airline company

I worked on car ferries dealing with customers day in day out for 2 seasons (Sorry for the delay, here's a free coffee), I have worked in countless bars and restaurants where the customer comes first. (Your beer isn't good? No problem I'll get you another one) and I know how to do Public Relations (I've done a year working with top brands in London and I've got a degree in the subject!!).

So chin up and happy travels and don't let these horrible companies get you down!

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