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The Power Of St Thomas Aquinas High School Football Team

By Jana Serrano

Victory can be elusive for some but constantly present for others. To the superstitious, this is highly connected to your fate or what the universe deems as your rightful destiny. To the bitter, they call this injustice. To the victors, they say that they simply have the luck and skills.

Most of the athletes today began during their high school years and have managed to become top of the league by the time they enter adulthood. And the most recognized institution for producing the best athletes is St Thomas Aquinas High School football team. Most notable of the teams supported and trained by the said institution is the St Thomas Aquinas Football Team called The Raiders.

Let us learn from their secret formula. The institution has an impeccable tradition when it comes to their athletic program. They have the top mentors in the United States and this institution maintains their reputation in field of sports and academics. They now hold the position as the top high school program in the country. For each sport they have, especially in football where they build up The Raiders, they always aim for the best.

They especially have great chemistry on defense that makes them play so well. Their defense would simply not permit a touchdown from their opponents. With its multitude of state championships won and college athletes produced, it is of no surprise that their team would also come out the best and toughest in the sports arena.

It is a bad idea according to the coach to either waste a day of practice or for the kids to miss school. But this would not make much of a difference in the game. They do not want to create excuses. They would rather manage.

St Thomas coach Rocco Casullo himself has verbalized how proud he is of the guys on the offense, defense, and special teams. He mentioned that they put it all together after their previous loss. This shows resilience which makes them very admirable and popular.

Different opponents have always tried relying on pushing the Aquinas defense to no avail. The Raiders simply would not allow it and keep stopping their run. As effective as their defenses, their offense is also as powerful with a number of touchdowns. Ultimately, this has secured them at the highest pedestal of youth sports.

Opponents can either attack them intelligently and powerfully, or end up reduced to a heap. Quite frankly, some even achieve both. It is still a good thing though because at least the opponent did not lose without a good fight.

The Raiders set the bar high with their stellar defense and unstoppable touchdowns. For them, it is a matter of doing what is needed to be done. The manner of execution is incomparable and this team is almost unbeatable. If there are loopholes in their techniques, they can find them and fix them. They are a confident team with a highly competent coach to boot. If anything, they can dissect the weaknesses of other teams too. This enables them to find a way to exploit their defenses and ensure a victory in the end.

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