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How A Remington 700 Gunsmith Can Improve Your Skill

By Phyllis Schroeder

Anyone who owns a firearm wants their piece to be an elegant ornament of self-defense with the greatest precision possible. Fortunately, there are after-market upgrades available for many brands and of firearms available. To ensure proper installation, one should seek out a professional, such as a Remington 700 Gunsmith.

Professionals will tell you that maximizing accuracy in a firearm is delicate work, requiring the hand of an expert. In order for a shooter to consistently hit whatever target they aim upon, thus firing bullets in groups or clusters, precision is key. Even if one is firing an older revolver that tends to fire the bullet a few feet to the right, the distance off-center should be consistently the same distance.

Accuracy involves several basic factors; one of which is a firm, but not clenched hand on the grip. The first thing a professional is likely to address when upgrading a firearm would be the installation of a better grip with which to grant the shooter a better hold on the gun. By having a consistently good hold, one is better able to train themselves to pull the trigger with the same amount of pressure each time.

For shooters new to the sport of rifle marksmanship, the recoil of the weapon can be startling, causing the shooter to miss the target, and sometimes making the shooter uptight about the weapon itself. It is not possible to completely obliterate recoil on a rifle, but this harmonizing effect can be reduced. Harmonizing effect should be proportionate to the square of the length of the barrel, so a longer barrel will result in less recoil.

There is a level of kinetic energy which is lost with a longer barrel, however, and this loss of speed and power can mean a clean kill versus a messy injury to big-game hunters. In order to make up for the loss of speed, they will generally change the ammunition they use. An armor-piercing slug will do much more damage on impact than buck shot, but one is warned to make sure such ammunition is legal in their jurisdiction.

All firearms have moving parts, and their tolerance to one-another can make them shift slightly less under recoil. It has been said by many gunsmiths that this process is not just a science, but that there is an art to it as well. Getting small, moving parts to fit together so well that they shift very little as a result of harmonic effect truly requires experience.

The quality of ammunition used is also a large factor in determining the accuracy a firearm will consistently achieve. Most gun manufacturers also have bullets on the market which are known to produce a consistent result when used with a particular gun. For most fans of this sport, that level of accuracy is adequate, and only a high-precision shooter will feel the need to manually load their own ammunition.

With the best possible precision and accuracy, any experienced gun slinger should be able to achieve clusters on their target. This is especially true for those wise men and women who practice with a particular weapon on a regular basis. Having an expansive knowledge base about firearms is always good, but only an intimate relationship with a particular weapon is likely to result in true precision.

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