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Great Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing

By Eula Clarke

While casting your line into a river, lake, or creek affords great experiences there is really nothing quite like dropping your line into a depth of 100 feet and pulling out a marlin or tuna. You can combine a family vacation with great Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing anywhere along the New England coast. There are wonderful towns like Hyannis Barnstable Ma and others all the way up through Canada where you can charter a boat for this adventure.

Fishing Charters are expensive so if you can, go with a group of people you know. That way everyone can chip in and it will be fun for everyone. If you are going alone, just know that there will be strangers on the boat so expect to mingle, unless you can afford to hire the boat for yourself.

In places where deep-sea fishing is plentiful, especially vacation spots, you will have no trouble finding a charter boat. Prepare ahead of time though because they do fill up quickly. The need to book several days to several weeks ahead of time is not unusual. Ask people for recommendations, check pamphlets, and research online.

However, if you wait until you get to your vacation spot, take a sightseeing tour or walk along the docks and talk to people there, asking for suggestions. You may get lucky and be able to go out in a day or two, or you might find a better deal.

Once you have your boat booked, find out what they provide and what you need to bring. Most provide licenses, rods and bait, and life jackets plus lunch. Still ask if there is anything they recommend or require you provide.

You should bring sunglasses because the reflection of the sun off the water is very bright. Also, be reasonable and dress in clothing you do not mind getting wet. Do not wear or bring anything you do not mind getting wet or lost. Also, if you are going to be out until the sun goes down, wear or bring layers of clothing. It gets chilly out on the water.

The Captain and crew is going to know where the best fishing spots are and have good knowledge on techniques on catching a reeling them in, so listen to them. If you have questions on how to bait your line or how to get that 30 pound tuna on board, ask them and pay attention. One thing to remember, is that once you are on board the Captain is in charge. You may have hired them but the boat is their domain.

It is a good idea to keep your eyes on the horizon as it is steady. Doing this will help keep you from getting seasick. Drink lots of water. Even if it is an overcast or cloudy day, you are probably going to dehydrate quickly without realizing it. This is especially true if you are drinking alcohol on board.

Put your fish on ice to preserve its freshness. Do not keep anything over the legal limit and be sure to release any endangered fish. Be sure to have taken lots of pictures because you are going to want to brag about your catch when telling stories about the great trip you had.

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