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Things To Do When Starting Your Bed And Breakfast Inn

By Amalia Odom

These days, there is this certain alternative place wherein you can stay at night and have a very cozy and comfortable bed to sleep after having a long drive. If you compare a hotel to this, this is a newly refurbish house with a very nice architectural design with a very good overlooking garden and waking up with a good breakfast in the morning. We all call this the bed and breakfast inn.

If you are operating this kind of business with an already established running system but is looking for much more efficient services to offer their guests, then you must make a list of obligations to assign to your employees. You must delegate all the duties very well so to achieve that kind of efficient service that you desire. Here are tips on how to have a much efficient service for you bed and breakfast Lisbon inn.

You should prepare breakfast for your customers. No inn owner would like their clients to wait for their breakfast when they woke up and ready to eat. It will be helpful for you if you prepare the table and the plates, spoons, forks, glasses, knives at night and cook the breakfast early in the morning so you can serve it. It will also be nice if you can ask your customers what they meal they would want for tomorrow so you could cook it for them.

As you prepare the meals, let your employees clean the entire place. They could start sweeping the floor or even get the dusts from the furniture. They could even decorate the place so that your clients will have to wake up in a fresh mornings. They can put fresh flowers in the vase or even prepare a good coffee for them.

Always keep the dining area clean so that you will have satisfied guests. If the early diners are through and leave the dining area directly move out the used dishes and clean the table. After cleaning, you may put new utensils on the table for the late diners.

Always check and clean the rooms after your guests leave. Check, so that if there are any belongings that were left behind could be return to them. Clean, so that the next guests could stay in a very clean room as they spend their entire night in your cozy place. Directly change the linens, pillowcases, and the toilet towels and toiletries. Sweep the floor and remove all kinds of trash.

Always keep the neatness and the cleanliness of your reception area. This is where the place you welcome your guests. With a clean one, you are already implying to them an impression that it is already an assurance that they will have an excellent stay in your beloved inn. But, you should never fail to entertain them and in making them so welcome.

If you will have a vacant time, you may now start doing the other jobs to keep your business running just like the marketing works, bills, groceries, and event the accounting. With this time, you can answer all the questions to your potential guests online. You can now even update the information into your website.

Aside from contacting and making networks with you customers, you should also make a contact list to all the services that you might need in the future to maintain your inn. A time will really come where you will need the services of the electricians, appliance repairs, plumber, and many others. No inn owner would want to hold the operations of the business just because of this occasional crisis.

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