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Six Benefits Of Getting The 1911 Custom Work

By Phyllis Schroeder

It been more than a century since the 1911s were designed. This means that they would ordinary belong to the category of items used for sentimental purposes. However, this is not the case because these guns are still being used by both individual and security bodies such as the LAPD, HRT, SWAT, and even the Marine Corps. This may surprise many people, but the secrete lies in 1911 custom work, which enables this machines to maintain their reliability despite their old design. There are many more benefits to customization other than just durability.

Among the tops benefits is reliability. The gunsmiths who work on these machines are extremely experienced and are able to identify any flows such as burrs and edges that may exist on the firearm an render it unreliable. The gun is also throated and polished, making it very reliable.

As with the case with many modification works, you would expect that the price would be high. However, this is not the case with professionals who work on 1911s. The prices are quite affordable while the work is quality. Nevertheless, you should ask about the charges before you bring your gun so that you can make comparisons.

Guns that have been customized are also resistance to corrosion. The fear that any individual who owns these early designs is that it might wear to fast and become useless. However, experts are now able to use cerakote ceramic coatings, which comes with an exemplary level of corrosion resistance, making the firearm more durable than with its original material.

If you are looking for a gun that looks nice and offers reliability at the same time, then custom works will offer exactly that. DuraCoat coating, which is mainly used for customizing guns to offer durability, is very resilient. This makes it suitable for those who use their guns particularly for outdoor services. Moreover, the colors are bright, making the machine look stylishness.

If you are want to compare different coating materials, you can ask for a wear test. This will enable you to distinguish the quality of the different materials when it comes to corrosion. Salt spray testing is normally done so that clients can make informed choices.

For guns that are used in strenuous conditions, flexibility becomes an important quality to avoid cracks. Custom works allows the gun to achieve a level of flexibility that does not come with the manufactured quality. This is another important quality of using cerakote coating.

Safety is another property that comes with customization. Many early guns are generally considered unsafe around children because they were never designed for personal use. However, if you have kids around the house and you have a 1911 around, you do not have to get rid of it. You can simply take it to a gunsmith to have additional safety features added.

If you have a 1911 and you have been wondering how you can improve it, contact a gunsmith who can help you out. There are various customization techniques that you could choose. Moreover, you stand to benefit immensely.

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