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Weather Conditions Affecting Balloon Rides Colorado

By Mattie Knight

The density of wind is an important determinant of when balloon rides will take place. The wind should be light at dusk and dawn for the flights to be possible. This makes the riding experience safe and also pleasant. Thus, be keen on forecast reports concerning the weather but even if you are not in a position to do so the pilot will let you know about this because this information is utilized in planning for the balloon rides Colorado.

When the weather conditions do not turn out as expected, the launch will have to be cancelled. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that even after placing your booking it is not guaranteed that you will fly on the same day. You have to wait for a call from the flight company to inform you whether the flight will take place or not.

The surface wind should be blowing at less than ten miles per hour for a smooth ride. Wind shear or turbulence makes it hard for the balloon to land safely. This is not only an unpleasant experience but can cause harm to the passengers. Prediction of the wind speed is very easy and that is why the texts on the flight departure time are sent on time in city Winter Park, CO.

Visibility prediction is a real issue especially during autumn and spring when the weather conditions are not favorable. Because of the rains, there is usually a lot of moisture. Weather aspects like fog, mist and low clouds are witnessed mostly during this time and they make the flights impossible. The problem is witnessed mostly during the morning hour. Nevertheless, just a little mist at dawn can make the balloon ride experience magical.

Prediction of visibility level is not an easy task. In fact, predictions made too early are rarely accurate. The conditions which result to low cloud, mist or fog occurrence vary even within a few miles and that is why updated results should be reviewed when planning for flights. Local knowledge should also be considered. Experienced forecasters recommend making a decision on visibility starting from three in the morning.

Rainy conditions are dangerous for balloon rides. Remember that the balloon is usually at very high temperatures and rain cools it off. This makes it necessary for the burner temperatures to be increased to cater for the extra energy needs. Consequently, control of the balloon gets hard and accidents may happen easily in such conditions.

Thunderstorms are also dangerous for balloon flights. They result due to abrupt temperature changes during most conditions. The resulting strong currents can take the balloon to a significant height fast. The good thing is that prediction of thunderstorms is not complicated and it is hard to miss out on a stormy weather.

Fronts and troughs are visible moving across the region on weather forecasting radar and the pilot can fly if the conditions are benign. Also, the air can clear up hours later. Consequently, climate changes can overturn the conditions entirely but this happens overtime and the right adjustments can be planned for much ahead in Winter Park city, CO.

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