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Bear Hunting In Utah, The Ideal Experience

By Miranda Sweeney

In some states/countries, there are many different things that they do for leisure. Some go for camping but there are no safe places to go camping in the woods. Bear hunting in Utah mountains have been made legal but only in specific areas. This has seen many people come from far and beyond to come to the camps for the hunting.

Camps are put up in those areas for the common people from around or even tourists who come to see the black bears. They train dogs to help in the protection of the campers. The type of bear commonly found Utah is the black bear. There are other types: the brown, white and cinnamon bears but only the black is found there.

There are people who are trained and are also licensed to carry out the hunting. They act as guides for the people who go for the sport. They have hired and paid to do it. There are specific areas where the hunting is allowed. It cannot be done just anytime one feels like but during certain seasons. With the hired guides, one has more chances of succeeding and faster, covering a wider area, other than going alone.

Booking the tents that are already set up there is an option that the campers have. Some prefer to come with their own tents but as there are packages that are offered when one books the tents, it is easier to use them. The packages include meals, instead of carrying food and cooking utensils, clean water. Since it sometimes snows at night, they are advised to have warm cloths and warm sleeping bags.

When out camping people are advised to take safety precautions because these are the same areas where the bears live. Some of the things they are advised carry out are :- always clean up well after eating, always report when you sport a bear wandering near the camp, never go out alone it is advisable to go in a group, do not let children wander around unattended, have enough light especially at night.

The weapons used when out hunting are like guns, bows, arrows and spears. If one makes any noise while out hunting, the bears might run away making it hard to get them so silence must be observed. Traps are also set on the bear way. It is good to set the traps a few weeks before going out hunting. In the traps food that have a strong smell are put to attract them.

in that case when a bear is spotted near the camps, they can be killed for security purposes and the authorities notified of the event. Climbing up a tree can be dangerous as they can climb up after you and there will be nowhere to run.

Hunting is a good way to go for holiday as a family and more so bear hunting. As long as you observe the weather, and abide by all the rules given in the camp, it can be something to look forward to anytime there is a holiday

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