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World Class Red River Walleye Fishing Excursion

By Juana Gamble

Sport fishing offers water lovers an excellent and rewarding time out. Mastery of seasons makes Red River walleye fishing excursion an exciting affair. Fishers are required to master a number of tricks to ensure that they are successful in their endeavor. The schools of fish are active at different seasons and time of day.

It is important to have the right gear. This includes trots and hooks that are approved by authorities. This information is available from the department of fisheries. The rule for sport fishermen are published on departmental websites for perusal. This will keep you away from conflicts with the law.

Days of clear waters and perfect temperature will increase your chances at capturing your intended number and size. They are likely to come to the surface at a particular time that is best mastered. The temperature determines activity at the river and is worth considering.

Some fishermen have reported excellent catches in early afternoon. They recorded their encounter with large schools and were therefore able to make excellent catches. The level of engagement at this time was reduced and therefore brought many of them to the surface. They are likely to have fed and were appearing to bask in the afternoon sun.

Walleyes have a unique migration pattern that must be observed. This pattern determines their numbers on the river and the ease with which they can be captured. The period before winter has been reported as the best since they are out and about feeding in order to build reserves for the cold season.

The kind of bait you give will determine how lucky you are during your trip. They will attract the fish to your hook with ease even though you cannot see in the dirty water. Their activity determines the areas where they will be easily located.

Blogs, websites, journals and television channels offer crucial information on seasons for the fish. They alert sport fishing lovers on sighting and the best timing based on experience and research. They also give accurate locations and tips on how to improve your rate of success.

The method of trolling determines your rate of success. Successful fishers have reported easier catches when the crank baits are dragged downstream. This gives you the right pace for the river which means that you cover ample ground within the shortest time. The baits are positioned to attract attention.

The positioning of your bait also determines your rate of success. You must not take the bait too low or near to the floor of the river. This area is likely to be filled with rocks, stumps and sunken trees that are ready to grab your bait. Keep it a little distance above the surface.

During the course of the trip the bait must be constantly checked. This gives room for bent hooks to be straightened or retrieval of caught fish. Sometimes you may troll upstream depending on how strong the currents are.

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