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Using Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls Tours

By Sharron Cantu

Traveling to foreign nations can be an intimidating venture. There are hundreds of details that need to be tended to before you board the flight to another country. Using tour companies can help to ease the stress of dealing with these details. They will help with reservations for flights and hotels as well as give advise as to what documents you will need to have in your possession prior to entering a foreign nation. In South America you can arrange to travel with impunity using Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls tours.

These two locations are very popular sites for tourism but they are difficult to maneuver because they are in two different countries. Further complications arise when you consider that they are on opposite coasts of the continent. You will find the Inca ruins in the high Andes in Peru while the waterfalls can be found on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Touring the waterfalls can occur from either side of the river although crossing from one side to the other can result in your needing visas for both countries. The trip across can be accomplished by following a series of plank board walks and observation platforms. There are more than two hundred seventy different waterfalls in this one location that covers a little over a mile and a half of river surface.

A reasonably short boat ride will bring you to the foot of the waterfalls on the lower river. With the amount of water constantly falling into the river there is a mist that creates rainbows at all times of day. Riders will also be treated to a birds eye view of the forest and its inhabitants on the trip to the waterfall base.

When traveling to the Lost City of the Incas you have an opportunity to view the most beautiful scenery in South America. There are trains that will transport visitors to this area that wind through the jungle and mountains. The route they take is about four hours long in each direction and once you arrive at your destination a shuttle bus will transport you to the ruins.

It is recommended that you secure lodging in a city just outside the ruins so that you have time to adjust to the altitude and a full day to tour the archaeological site the following day. There is a need to purchase entry tickets prior to arrival because they do not sell them at the gate.

You are not allowed to carry food or beverages into the ruins but you can purchase them from cafes outside the walls. The lodge also offers meals and refreshments to those who were overnight guests. Other hotels in the area will also prepare box lunches for their guests.

Using your touring company to help you solve the inevitable problems you can encounter during long distance traveling is one way to make certain that the vacation you have been dreaming about is the same one you experience while seeing foreign lands and visiting their treasures.

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