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Enjoy An Adventurous St Maarten Vacation

By Annabelle Holman

When some people conjure a vision of a perfect vacation, they often see exotic locations, grand adventures, intriguing nightlife, beautiful beaches and lots of sun. The Caribbean offer many islands, each full of charm, for travelers to choose between. St Maarten is one of those and its scenery and adventures are among the best available anywhere.

This small Caribbean haven is the world's tiniest land mass to be under the ownership of two different nations simultaneously. Measuring just thirty-seven square miles, the island is the territory of both The Netherlands Antilles and France. For several hundred years the people have coexisted peacefully with this split, actually finding ways to make it beneficial.

France actually has ownership of roughly two thirds of this land, making that portion part of the European Community. The remaining third, which belongs to the Dutch, is included in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The arrangement between the co-possessors has been peaceful and amazingly successful for more than three hundred and fifty years.

The two owning nations have agreed to not erecting a physical boundary between them as the openness provides a fluid community feel and permits residents and visitors to travel freely and enjoy the unspoiled landscape. All the adventures, activities and sites may be experienced by anyone at anytime. There is an incredible amount of things to do in this small area.

One the thing the island is best known for is that the atmosphere and the environment is near perfect for vacationing at any time during the year. The climate s sunny and tropical in nature with comfortably warm temperatures ranging from the lows of mid sixties, the highs around the upper nineties and the average being a very pleasing 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Sporadic afternoon rain showers serve to break the heat and set the tone for a wonderful evening.

The scenery is breathtaking and one of the things this paradise is best known for. The central mountain range dominates most of the island's interior and provides incredible landscapes for exploring, hiking, zip lining or taking time to commune with nature. The winding roads that weave through the rolling hills pass through multiple small villages that present the opportunity for shopping and local charm.

The white sand beaches that surround the perimeter of this island are among the most beautiful ever seen. This is also the home of Simpson Bay Lagoon, the largest in all of the Caribbean. Completely landlocked except for two small channels which are spanned by draw bridges, the area is larch enough to house a huge fleet of luxury yachts and still have room for comfortable sailing.

Whether taking a dip in the turquoise waters or riding a horse through the hills, there are adventures to be had for visitors of all types. To observe and commune with a variety of tropical fish of any color, snorkel among the living corals or to dive in the caves is to know the true beauty on the island. Ferries make daily jaunts to the neighboring land masses of St. Eustatius, St. Barths, Saba and Anguilla.

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