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Have Fun On Mongolian Tours

By Annabelle Holman

If one loves visiting exotic and exciting places around the world, there is no better place than to visit the land of the Mongol empire which is Mongolia. One would probably have heard about this country in his history class as this is the country where the famous Genghis Khan who controlled the Mongol empire came from. Now if one would want to really maximize his trip to this place, he should go on the Mongolian tours to go to the best places there.

Now when one would go on tour in this country, one of the best places to visit would be Kharkhorin especially if one loves history. Now this is the capital city of the empire of famous conqueror Genghis Khan. What makes this place very interesting is that the ruins of his empire are still there for the tourists to look at and appreciate.

Of course there are also some places wherein one will be able to experience a little bit of excitement like Orkhon Khurkhree. Now this is the most famous waterfall and cliff in the entire country and is known for its very clean water. One will even have the chance to communicate with the natives who live on those parts although they might not be very friendly.

While one is on tour, he will also have the option of walking through the vulture canyon of this country known as the Yolin Am. The tour guides would not really ask the tourists to really climb this land formation but they will provide them with a small experience on what it is like to move through it. One will be able to see a lot of breathtaking sights while here.

Now for those who are into animals and plant life, he will definitely enjoy going to the Bogdkhan Uul. Now this is a nature park that is safe from hunters or poachers as the area protects the animals and plants in this place. One will also be able to find the Manzshir Monastery which is actually probably the oldest monastery in this country.

Now another great place to visit on the tour would be the Gandantegchilen Kloster which is a monastery. It is the biggest monastery in Mongolia and has the size to fit about a thousand or even more monks or people inside. Even up until now there are a lot of monks who would stay in that monastery simply because they find peace and solitude there.

Now if one is into history, then a great place for him to visit would of course be the National Museum of Mongolian History which can be found in the center of Ulaanbaatar. Now this is the place to go if one would want to find out about how the place was years ago. This place is filled with a lot of artifacts that would date back even to the prehistoric times in Mongolia.

So basically, these are some of the interesting places that one would be visiting while on tour. As one can see, Mongolia is definitely a place like no other. It has very exotic and beautiful places that one can visit.

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