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What To Do With A Haida Gwaii Adventure Tours And Travel Package

By Sharron Cantu

As time goes by, many interesting places get discovered by people for them to have vacations at. Lately there has been a growing trend in visiting the islands of Haida Gwaii off the north coast of British Columbia. Many have booked plenty of Haida Gwaii adventure tours and travel packages for themselves and their families.

As Haida Gwaii is an archipelago, or rather a group of islands, then there will be plenty of water related fun and activities to be had. Most popular activities in the island would most likely involve those with whale watching and whale sightseeing tours.

Depending on the month or season, one will be able to see a variety of whale species up close when taking a whale watching tour. Species one will most likely see are orcas or killer whales, humpbacks and gray whales. On rare occasions all these species can be seen together in one spot.

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do on land as well. One can go camping or fishing on any one of the many islands. Kayaking as well as hiking and biking can be enjoyed as well, particularly in the mornings, and ending the day with some light browsing and swimming at the beach. This is what most of the more seasoned visitors do when they are on the islands.

If learning about the local culture and habits of the Haida people is more your cup of tea, then there are things you can enjoy as well. The local people would be more than glad to share with you their local customs and traditions. It would to your overall cultural experience also if you can do some cultural research beforehand so your questions given to the locals can be more interesting and facts based rather than something that was just pulled out of the blue somewhere.

On some islands are erected totem poles as a record of history and as a testament to posterity to each of the families living on the islands. One who is well travelled may likely notice that the totem poles have a remarkable similarity to those also erected in the Alaskan region. This is because the Haida also inhabit large portions of Alaska and surrounding areas, and thus their culture is very much widespread in these areas.

Should one really want to immerse fully in the local culture by visiting each and every community on the islands, the trip will roughly take around four days or so to complete. While doing so you can also accentuate your experience by visiting the various crafts workshops and museums that dot the islands. Here you will notice the beginnings and origins of the bent wood technique that is very much a specialty and characteristic of the Haida and many related people.

This archipelago of adventure can be easily reached by plane from Toronto, which is only a two hour flight. One can also reach the place via boat or ferry which may take a little longer but can be exciting and worthwhile nonetheless. Whether by boat or plane, this is one place that can also be enjoyed not only by individuals but groups and families as well.

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