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The Best Portable Water Purifiers For Survival

By Imelda Reid

Nothing is more important when trying to survive than water. Our bodies are made up of about 60-80 percent of this precious liquid and cannot function properly without it. When long periods are spent without access to a drinkable supply, individuals require portable water purifiers for survival. Without a source of drinking water, no other fancy equipment is relevant.

Drinking from sources that could be contaminated without purifying can make the difference between life and death. Most of the lakes and rivers of the world suffer from some form of contamination, even small streams that may look clear. Sewage effluent, parasitic worms, animal waste and industrial pollutants are just some of the contaminants. Serious illnesses can be contracted when drinking from a contaminated source. Particularly if an individual is in a remote area, far away from any medical help, this can prove fatal.

Purification of water can be attempted in various different ways. Boiling is often used and this does kill viruses, cysts and bacteria. It does not deal with noxious chemicals and dirt, often having a foul taste. Filtration is often used too and this can be more or less successful, depending upon the efficacy of the filter or filters used. Using chemicals or UV lights are other options.

When considering purchasing such an item, one of the most important factors to consider is exactly how many of all the pollutants it deals with. Some manufacturers will advertise about how effectively bacteria and viruses or dealt with but neglect to mention toxic chemicals. It is best to go for one that deals most comprehensively with all contaminants even though it may be more costly.

Once effectiveness has been established, another consideration is the weight and size. A device may be effective but may be too bulky and difficult to transport. One that is compact and easy to store is preferable, particularly when considering that long distances may need to be covered. There are small compact devices on the market today that have the ability to process up to 500 gallons or so before the filter needs changing.

When it comes to surviving in the face of some threat, one has to consider the time it may take to purify. In such a situation one may find it necessary to keep on the move. It may be difficult to stay in one spot for a long period of time.

Some filtration units consist of as many as three different filters with a carbon filter at the core. This ensures that as many contaminants as possible are dealt with and the end product is not only safe but pleasant to drink. There are those that are easily operated with a manual pump. Ease of use can be vital in an emergency situation.

Many suitable units are available today from local and online stores. Shopping for such self-contained units online offers convenience and the ability to compare many different types and their prices as well as read reviews written by customers. Selecting the best possible item one can afford with regards to effectiveness, weight, ease of use and other such factors is vital in a survival situation.

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