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Selecting Churchill Manitoba Polar Bear Tours

By Paulette Mason

When planning your vacation some of your most important decisions will be where to go and what you will be doing while there. More people are choosing to head for the far northern parts of the world to satisfy their wander lust. With Churchill Manitoba polar bear tours you will find a cure for the need to explore wild lands and get up close and personal with native wild life.

This vacation spot is considered the polar bear capital of the world because it is home for the largest population of bears. Seeing and being able to photograph these animals is actually guaranteed by the tour lodges available along the coast. Most lodges are located in the coastal areas because wild life migrates to the water for hunting and other feeding practices.

You can choose to purchase a tour from a lodge that allows you to purchase your own air fare and lodgings prior to your arrival or choose one of the lodges that supply the entire package of travel, lodging and tour arrangements for their clients. Which ever package you select you will be assured of excursions onto the tundra and close encounters with bears. There are vehicles called tundra rovers that transport guests to the best viewing areas for bears.

Most lodges have transporters that can seat up to thirty people comfortably. Many of these rovers have been redesigned to carry a maximum of fifteen people at one time to optimize the comfort level of guests. When the tour is for the full day the host supplies sandwiches, beverages and dessert for participants. All rovers are equipped with bathrooms for guest use.

Walking excursions are available with trained guides after the transporter arrives at the viewing sight. Visitors are led to areas where they can observe the bears without intruding on their behavior. This area is basically tundra so walking is not difficult for most although it can be muddy or slick in the tidal areas where it will be wet.

There is a tour company that maintains what they refer to as a mobile hotel. Guests are taken on excursions that last several days and have nearly all the comforts of home. The mobile hotel contains single sleeping areas, much like those found in trains, showers, flushing commodes, sliding windows for viewing and outdoor platforms where clients can come into very close contact with the bears. Another aspect of this mobile hotel is a first class chef to prepare meals for the clientele.

You will find that the tour guides in this area are highly trained and skilled in their trade. They have many years of experience taking their clients to the very best locations to view the bears. Their employers provide them with yearly training and seminars to assure their skills are finely honed and the clients are kept safe while encountering any bears. During the seminars they have opportunity to share with other guides what they have observed or learned over the past year.

You must arrive by air to experience this area so seclusion from crowds is nearly guaranteed. When all things are considered this may be a one of a kind adventure that might well turn into the high point of your life.

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