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Tips For Better Canoe Experience

By Sharron Cantu

If you are looking for a recreational activity which is challenging and at the same time pleasurable and nature friendly, canoeing is perfect for you. This activity does not harm the environment nor it needs to burn fuels for you to be able to have fun with it. What you only need is a paddle, a boat and some technical knowledge about it. There are a lot of rivers that are great for this. Canoe Harpeth River is a good place to start.

To prepare your canoeing, you have to pick up your craft. Many canoes feel comfortable and look sturdy when you look at it, but it actually feels different once you sit on them. You also have to make sure that the boat you choose is comfortable when you paddle on it. This can affect your paddling movements later on.

Aside from a boat, you are required to have a paddle. Not just one paddle, but a number of them. Paddles can snap in some cases. Having extra paddles in your craft can be very useful. You do not need to bring too much of it because it will affect the equilibrium of the craft. Also, you might consider taking paddling courses too, if you think you need more technical knowledge about paddling. Good paddling skill can have a good impact when canoeing because it helps to maintain the steadiness of the craft.

Rivers are quite unpredictable. You will never know what are you going to encounter, some routes are dangerous for beginners. In case of emergency, you need to always use your life jacket. You cannot predict when the boat may topple over.

If you have an expert with you in the back seat, you have to follow their instructions. Their sole purpose it to make sure that you are safe and you are heading in a correct direction. They can give you advices too.

Furthermore, to ensure that your boat will not topple over, you have to sit in the lower level of it. This will keep the stability of the boat. The higher up you sit, the more chances that it will topple over. You have to keep the balance of it to ensure it would not happen.

When engaging waves, you have to face your craft or perpendicular to it. You also have to sit squarely in the middle of the it at all times. What will happen is that, if you tip excessively to one side, there is a good chance the it will topple over.

If you can imagine, it is a very tiring activity. Taking a good rest before you engage in this activity, is a must, to make sure that your body is prepared. You can also seek advices from your trainer if what are some good practices you have to do before you start your extreme adventure.

Ask pieces of advice from professionals and follow these steps are a good start to make the most of your canoeing adventure. One thing you have to be aware of is your safety. Make it as safe as possible and it should be a fun canoeing experience.

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