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Reasons For Employing Rambo Rugs

By Paulette Mason

Situations come when animals especially the equine family needs to be protected from weather elements, insects, and other factors. Rambo rugs are the kind of blankets or coats that are intended to safeguard horses from bad weather. They come in different sizes and shapes to cover the entire body of the animal from the rump to the chest. They incorporate straps for securing them in place while allowing free movement of the horse.

There are many different types of Rambo blankets in use today. Most of them have straps and buckles at the front while other designs are closed. Closed designs can only be worn on the horse by slipping them over the head. Straps and buckles are secured under the belly. Sideways movement of the blanket is sometimes prevented by small straps that are looped lightly around the hind limbs.

These products can be manufactured from many kinds of fabric. Major fabrics used include cotton, canvas, polar fleece, leather, poly-cotton, and wool. The thickness should be chosen depending on the severity of the factor against which protection is needed. In very cold regions, the thickness should be higher possibly made of different layers of material. Smooth material should be used on the underside to avoid injuries whereas waterproof material should be used to make the outer surface.

Various companies have come up with different kinds of blankets including rug liners, fly sheets, summer sheets, stable, travel, cooler, exercise, turnout, under, anti-sweat, and fleece rugs. The various types of rugs perform their functions to the best in specific climatic conditions. During winter when atmospheric temperatures fall really low, horses grow winter coats for keeping bodies warm. Normally, the winter coat is enough for maintaining proper body temperatures. The problem comes in due to other factors like rain, wind chill, biting insects, and humidity which make blankets a necessity.

Rain water can also soak the winter coat on horses making very ineffective at conserving heat. With the reduced efficiency, the animal is left chilled to the skin. Also, cold air can reach the skin when strong winds blow off the winter coat. On the other hand, during summer, a lot of discomfort is caused to horses due to strong sunshine. These reasons and several others make it worthwhile to protect horses using blankets.

Biting insects are also a major nuisance in horses and other animals that belong to the equine family. Keeping off insects is often the key reason for employing rugs during summer. This function is best done using fly sheets because they ensure proper airflow while giving cover against biting insects. Bites from certain insects may cause severe reaction in some equines hence precaution must be taken.

Also, comparatively, young and aged animals suffer more from heat and cold than the other age groups. As such, to help these animals to keep the right body temperatures, blankets must be applied on them whenever necessary. Sick horses also have impaired body functionalities hence should be helped.

There are many factors that affect the costs of Rambo blankets. The major factors however include fabric used, application, quality, additional functionalities and accessories, and size. To ensure proper comfort of the animal, one should invest in the best rugs available on the market. The purchased product must also be certified.

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