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Female Midlife Crisis Is Very Disturbing

By Mattie MacDonald

Many women try their best to become great wives and mothers during their lifetime on this planet. It is quite unfortunate whenever they face a female midlife crisis while trying to be a caring person for others. This can be devastating for these women since they already have so many other things to deal with. One particular woman found herself in this situation when she reached the age of fifty.

On a very cool summer night this woman and all of her fellow workers decided to enjoy themselves at a club. She did not care that her husband was waiting at home and he desperately needed his dinner. The location which she chose was filled with drug addicts, hookers and a bad assortment of human beings. The police were always raiding this place from time to time.

Unfortunately this wife and mother had picked despicable people to hang around since they enjoyed being promiscuous and reckless. In no time at all she found herself taking more and more drugs and drinking large volumes of alcohol. It was normal for her to return home at two o'clock in the morning.

His good friend offered him some sage advice on how to handle this dire situation that would continue to go on. He forced his wife to sit down with a good mental health worker in order to discuss her current problems. The patient husband thought that this process would be good but it made everything worse for this long time couple.

In order to even the score with her husband she decided to have sexual encounters with other men who were visiting the club. She enjoyed this type of erotic revenge and knew that it would eventually break her marriage apart. Unfortunately her spouse placed this daring woman into a facility that would contain her for a long time.

Many people around the world think that forty-five is still quite a young age and it should never cause grief. This was not the case for one lady who resided in California. After turning this certain age she decided to change her entire image. Her co-workers did not make her feel any better when they threw her a great birthday party. Unfortunately this woman looked like the mother to every other person within the room.

This made her feel really bad and she wanted to look and act like her younger comrades. Once the work day was over this sleek woman visited a local clothing store to obtain a brand new wardrobe. She was quite determined to hold onto her youth no matter what the circumstances. The next day she came to work wearing a mini skirt and low cut blouse. The thrill seeking woman also had the nerve to dye her hair pink and blue which looked really silly.

Her boss could not wait until the working hours were finished since he had plenty to say to his wayward worker. She was severely scolded for her new behavior and style. This scolding brought her back to reality and this was very good for her and everyone else. In the future she could only be seen wearing long skirts and loose shirts.

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