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The Ultimate Experience Of Fishing In The Bahamas

By Kerri Stout

Whatever the age or status, fishing is an experience for everyone. If it is at the Bahamas, then it is the only true ultimate experience. The most famous water sport on world is fishing in the Bahamas. This is a place both beginners and experienced anglers will find comfortable as there is something for everyone.

You may use your own boat to fish at the Bahamas if you cross from Florida. Or you may choose to hire a fishing guide or a charter boat if you fly in. If deep sea fishing is your thing, going out to the open waters requires a huge boat. It should be at least 35 to 40 feet long to have enough room for your gear, friends and may be a shark.

Bahamas and bone fishing are synonymous. This type of fish is known for its breathtaking speed which is definitely a challenge in catching it. The speed of these fish comes from its forked tail which is an immense advantage for hunting. They often move about in schools however, only one is to be caught at a particular time. In addition, catch and release method is employed to aid in conservancy. The best bait to use is a live shrimp.

It is not easy to fish at the reefs or bottom fishing as often known. There are breathtaking reefs in Bahamas including the third largest barrier reef in the world. To fish in the reefs, position the boat in such a way that it is in front or along the sides of the reef. Depending on what you prefer, you may choose to anchor or may be drift the boat.

Drifting ensures that you are able to cover the entire reef. If you choose to anchor, fish on the bottom not over the reef. The equipment to use should be capable of catching fish in the reefs, the rod should be strong. Do not try this alone if you are a beginner, it can be very risky.

Fishing in deep sea involves catching fish that inhabit the ocean depths beyond areas that receive sunlight. It takes place further into the open waters away from land and usually at least 30 meters deep. The fish that resides in these areas are not the ordinary fish found in shallow water. This is where the big game prefer to live, it has no sunlight and is full of other numerous challenges. Only the strongest and mightiest such as the sharks, marlin and tuna can survive here.

Marlins and sharks can never be found around the shore line. In addition, the best bait to use would be a mackerel. The challenge in catching these fish is the resistance they put in. They are known to wrestle for hours before giving in. For instance, the Bluefin tunas fight last even more than four hours. When they finally tire, the fighting is less and can be reeled in.

It is always good to remember to conserve first then have fun later. Sharks can be really fun to catch but as a result of their slow reproduction process, it would be best to release them. The big game such as sharks are dangerous and can bite therefore do not be alone out in the sea. And keep away from the dolphins at all cost.

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