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Abcs Of Buy A Racehorse

By Stacey Burt

Race participants may submit bids for a number of horses and they are entered on slips of paper in a box for standing by. If multiple bids exist for a horse, it will be awarded with the highest sum offered, there is no specific requirement for a horse. It remains with its previous owners. Some types of races are rare in other countries - buy a racehorse.

Compensation races for three year olds are now no longer held. But one was however created earlier to create options for three year olds in balancing I to IV. Rennquintett compensations are not held after Lotto hired this bet in 2003. G compensations for obstacle horses are currently too hard, because the power of active obstacle horses have not reached this level.

In races, only mares are eligible. This can be written in conjunction with other types of races such as group races. The most famous mare race is the Diana and the 1000 Guineas. The two races are one of classic races.

Races are funded mainly for thoroughbred horses, but they are also available for Purebred Arabians, half-breeds and sometimes for ponies. The horses are ridden by jockeys either (professional race riders) or amateurs, in both cases may a certain weight, which must bear the horse, not be exceeded.

Half-breeds are characterized primarily by their greater toughness and are therefore mainly used in obstacle sport. The lack of speed they compensate with greater endurance and toughness. At the height of obstacle sport many great hunting races were won by half-breeds. Heat races are races over several runs, ie, the same horse meet several times against each other.

The amount to be gained by the successful horses (prize money) depends on the importance of race. The higher the tested / certified racing class of horses, the higher the prize money. Money prizes are usually for four horses placed first in a race, in exceptional cases, for the Fifth or Sixth, in a ratio of about 10: 4: 2: 1. In flat races, the race goes through unobstructed terrain - today always a special Racecourse - which may have gradients, but no jumps requires.

The race distances vary between 1000 m (flyers races, sprints) and 3,400 m (pacemaker race) (as of 2007). Abroad also flat races over distances of 800 m are held up to 4,200 m. Flat races on grass tracks and on sand tracks (especially in Neuss and Dortmund) are organized, the course design is different. In Swiss resorts of Arosa and St. Moritz horse races are held on a frozen lake annually in January and February.

Steeplechase awarded for specially bred for this purpose horses. Because the distance from obstacle race is longer than in flat races and the average speed thus slower, can be used in an obstacle race for lower performance classes, horses, which have been found in flat races as too slow.

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