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Finding Weekly French Chateau Rentals

By Enid Hinton

Most people have to save all year in order to afford a nice summer vacation. With this in mind they want to find the very best deals available. For many years people have been visiting France to enjoy great food and wine, warm summer weather and the beautiful countryside. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and a favorite honeymoon destination.

France is one of the most popular holiday spots for people in Europe and beyond. Many travelers like to take advantage of weekly French chateau rentals. There is just nothing to compare with the majesty of staying in an authentic building that comes with its own unique blend of comfort and romance. Many of the chateaus are hundreds of years old and if walls could talk there would be some truly amazing stories.

Searching for just the right place has never been easier. The internet has revolutionized travel in general and vacationing in particular. A quick search will provide more than enough options to suit every taste and budget. One of the first things to decide upon is location. There are so many beautiful areas to choose from that just making a final decision is very difficult.

There is everything from a place in the Normandy countryside to an elaborate chateau on the Mediterranean coast. Each comes with its own facilities, such as a swimming pool or extensive gardens. France has such a diverse range of landscapes, many of which are perfect for either a winter and summer get away. The Pyrenees Mountains provide excellent skiing in the winter as well as fantastic scenery in the summer months.

The Mediterranean coast in the south of France is famous all over the world. Chateaus in this area command some of the highest prices in the country. It makes sense for two or three families to get together and share the costs. There will be enough room for everyone and even the kids will love the chance to stay in such a unique place. In addition to the wonderful beaches and water sports there are many beautiful towns and excellent golf courses to enjoy.

Most rental companies and individual home owners now advertise their properties on line. Tourists can get a really good idea of what is available and find something to suit their exact needs. A significant number of the chateaus have their own swimming pool, which is a nice feature in the warm summer months. It is also a great way to keep the entire family happy.

Staying in a chateau offers so much more charm than almost any other place to stay. Each building is totally unique and has its own set of beautiful features. Views are another factor to take into consideration. Finding a beautiful place with stunning views will make any time away extra special.

Staying in a French chateau is a dream vacation for most people. There are excellent deals offered throughout the year. Staying in or near Paris during the holiday season will provide additional charm for the traveler. Both couples and families will love to see the city of lights in all its glory. The winter season will be all the magical and create memories to last a lifetime.

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