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What To Expect When You Go Fishing In Naples Florida

By Enid Hinton

Naples City in Florida is to be found right at the center of Naples and Collier Counties. Vacationers and locals love fishing in the Naples Bay in numerous canals found around have big numbers of Tarpon, Snook, not to mention a lot of other local types of fish. A widespread sight along the bay is the marinas, including the City Dock whose shadow large Amberjack schools congregate. Fishing in Naples Florida, do not miss out.

Through out the year, anglers accessing Naples beaches for sports fish and bait will be found. On the beach, Snook is readily available for catching right on the beach. Splashing by bathers on the surf often scares fish away making angling difficult. The best hours to fish are very late in the evening or early in the morning. During the off season in summer, crowds disappear letting you fish in peace, especially on quiet stretches of the beach.

Naples Fishing Pier is a famous attraction among Collier County people. No angling license or angling fees are charged. This means you only require your fishing gear to have fun. This is why a lot of anglers can be found here totting their angling carts loaded with coolers and gear.

In the area a number of stations have been strategically put up with clean water running and ready to assist you have you catch cleaned out. A concession stall that sells snacks and bait for your convenience has been erected. The pier is large enough to accommodate many fishers with the regular fishermen going for the spot on the end of the pier where many sharks are often snared.

Gordon Drive with its southern beach point and clear waters make this a superb environment to fish in. Jetties provide fish with cover which means these spots are just right to set up angling camp. Bait and sport fish hang out around these jetties. There are big rocks for jetties that border Gordon Pass making the excellent spots for angling.

Gordon Drive and 32nd Street gives a wonderful view of Naples Pier. They have numerous jetties on which you can cast around your line, tying up your baiting baskets. Another entry on to the beach is found at Gordon Drive and 21st Street. Angling here is similar to the rest of beaches on south end. This beach is private and roomy because access is limited to few.

Since this part of the beach is limited in access, it is roomy, quite and private. Lowdermilk Part covering 1,000 feet of a famous beach stretch and operated by the Naples City is located in the northern direction of the pier. Fishing experiences here resemble any to be experienced within the other beaches in Naples. Make sure though that you fish closely along the shore and cast your gear corresponding to the surf.

Inshore, tarpon is fished in the Port Royal series of canals named Tarpon City. There are islands of mangrove with intersecting canals where you may anchor your craft in the center of a canal and cast away towards land. Numerous floating and private concrete docks give shelter and shade to many fish. Great fishing action can be experienced while angling on tips or passes of canals during changes in tide.

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