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Starting A Chain Of Motels In Forks

By Aimee Schwartz

Motels are mostly used by travelers who are not intending to stay in a given town for a long time. Most of them are just passing by the town. They are usually preferred to hotels since their prices are lower when they are compared to those of hotels. For a person who wishes to start a business and be self-employed a motel is a great place to start. You can either buy one from a previous owner who is willing to sell it to you. Or start one from scratch. Having a chain of motels in forks can be beneficial if managed right.

The staff that you employ to assist you be a great influence. The staff in the motel will include that will be responsible for housekeeping. There must be someone at the front desk. Previous experience in a related field is important just like in any other business. Apart from experience the values as well as the character traits individual has will matter a lot.

There are some key characteristics that they should have. Good communication skills with fellow employees as well as with the customers are one of them. The service industry is very sensitive and customers should be treated in the best way possible. This way you will retain your loyal customers. They will tell their friends and you get new customers.

When you start your business it is only natural that you want to maximize your profits. To do this you will keep your cost at the lowest possible level. It is important you communicate this to your employees. They need to understand exactly why you ask them to do some things during their rounds. One things they should all be doing is switching of all the electrical appliances in the rooms when there is no guest.

First impressions are very important when meeting people and also when you are running a business. The impression is important to attract new customers. The grounds should always be kept neat. The grass should be mowed as soon as it grows. You should always inspect the grounds to ensure that there is no litter. Repairs should also be made.

After tidying up the outside you shall also need to keep the inside just as neat. You will have to set high standards for the staff. All the carpets should be shampooed regularly to avoid odor. The drapes and the linen should be kept clean at all times. If all this is done the guests will be comfortable and will keep coming back.

Efficiency is also very important when it comes to cutting costs. You shall need to purchase computer software that will help you keep track of major activities in your motel. These activities include reservations and inventory levels too.

Promotion of your motel will also assist in improving profits. You can do this by creating a website for you motel. This will assist those that are searching locally. In the website you should sell the motel by telling them why they will prefer your motel.

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