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Visitors Love The Shark Fishing Cape Cod Options On Offer

By Joanna Walsh

There are so many people that love to do something different when going on holiday. A change of destination with different activities can make an ordinary holiday into a spectacular one. Something that should be tried and is guaranteed to bring a rush to all who try it is the Shark fishing Cape Cod offers.

In order to attract sharks the charters will use a method of chunking and chumming which is well known to get all sharks into a sort of frenzy and this is normally done off the side of the boat. No experience will be needed in order to catch a shark, the captain and the crew are all seasoned fisherman and are more than happy to show each person exactly what needs to be done. All the boats are equipped with well stocked first aid paraphernalia in case of an accident which very seldom happens.

There is a list of the ten most dangerous sharks and the first is the Bull Shark. Its scientific name is Carcharhinus Leucas and can grow to be about eleven and a half feet in length. They can weigh anything from two hundred to five hundred pounds.

The second is the Great White or the Carcharodon Carcharias and weights anything from five thousand pounds and up. They generally can reach lengths of fifteen to twenty feet. They can be found in all of the oceans but especially in North America, Southern Africa and Australia. They have very sharp teeth that look very much like arrowheads and they are designed to slice and then remove large pieces of flesh.

Their normal swimming speed is about thirty five miles an hour but they have been seen doing close to sixty miles an hour. This is normally when they are hunting and in some instances when they are migrating. This is the only species that scientist have found that can do this speed. They are the most sought after for fishing because they are not large but one will need to have patience and lots of skill to actually get one on the hook.

The main language is English but before that in 1642 they spoke Noepe. The movie directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws was filmed on this Island mostly in the villages of Menemsha and Chilmark. All of the extras that were portrayed in the film where island natives. All the sequels to the movie were also filmed on this location and in 2005 the inhabitants celebrated the thirtieth anniversary with a week end Jaws fest.

There are many fishing charters that can guarantee that one will find and in most cases actually catch a shark. The village of Hyannis Barnstable Massachusetts has a ferry boat as well as an aviation connection to the very popular Nantucket Island. They will also be able to provide transportation to Martha's Vineyard which is known tourist attractions all year round.

The Grey Reef shark is active during the night and love to feed on squids, octopus as well as different crustaceans. They are also spotted hunting during the day and seem to be very curious. They are also very sociable and when divers are around they come very close. If they are threatened they will curve their bodies and at the same time hunch its back.

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