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A Day Out On Lake Taneycomo With A Branson Fishing Guide

By Eula Clarke

Anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in the Ozarks don't have to worry too much about where to go for trout. There's only one person they need to find, and that is a Branson fishing guide in Missouri. This will be someone who knows every inch of Lake Taneycomo, and that in turn is probably the single most thrilling body of water for anglers in Missouri and the Ozarks, if not in the entire continental United States.

Before casting the line, so to speak, it may be helpful to find out a bit more about how things work in these parts. It might be a good idea, for example, to learn that the Table Rock and Taneycomo lakes are the most popular spots for anglers. It's also useful to know that a stay in Branson, MO is ideal for these holidays.

The Table Rock Dam feeds the lake, so this part is shallow and quite cold close to the dam. This means the headwaters are a good place for fly-fishing. It's possible to wade in and stand in the water, or stay on shore and reel in the trout.

The other end of the lake at the Powersite Dam near Forsythe is considerably deeper (over 50 feet in some places) and much warmer. This makes it an ideal habitat for trout, bass and many different kinds of fish. It's a great place a seriously long and challenging day out on the water.

It's possible to get on the water through boat launches from the city campgrounds in downtown Branson and through the public park in Forsythe. The Table Rock Dam trout hatchery also has another boat launch offering access to the lake. It helps, of course, to have a guide who knows which place to go to for what kind of fish.

Everybody also needs to get the required licenses and permits. A state fishing license is a must, and a Lake Taneycomo trout permit is also required. This can all be handled by guides, and visitors can also get the permits from local supply stores, fishing gear providers and bait and tackle shops.

Note that there are many resorts around the lake that provide their guests with a complete outdoor experience inclusive of a half-day or full-day fishing expedition. These will be trips where a group of guests are led by a local expert who is intimately familiar with every part of this lake. Visitors can, of course, simply book a hotel room and find their own guide for a personal trip customized to their preferences.

It's fair to say that whatever the choice, every visitor who spends a day or two in Branson exploring Lake Taneycomo with a fishing guide will end up highly satisfied. To top that off, the city offers a vibrant urban holiday experience with shows, restaurants, shopping and a whole lot of entertainment options. People who come here once are hooked for sure, and the city and lake will inevitably reel them in for more holidays every year.

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