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A True Prepper Survival Pack Has A Lot Of Necessary Things

By Edna Booker

That day, which is the day there is going to be something happen that sends you away from your home, is coming. There are those who believe this will be because of foreign invasion. It may be a large flood. It could also be anything, such as massive power outages or anything else that makes life unlivable or at least uncomfortable at home. Experts tell us that, when that time comes, everyone will need a Prepper Survival Pack.

This unit is very often called a bug out bag. And it has a purpose that is critical. It is designed and should be planned to provide vital items for your survival. Each member of your family or other group you will be traveling with should have their own bag or kit. This is the part about personal responsibility that everyone hears about.

The time line for the use of this kit is about three days. That means you will be living out of this pack or bag for that time, at least. This amount of time should enable you and your party to find something that is a more secure, whether that be with other family or friends or a site that can be fortified, if worse comes to worse. A good look at the ingredients of this kit will help you understand the importance of preparation.

Water for three days means about three gallons. You are not going to have the supplies for a shower every day, so forget it. If you find a stream or river, that will suffice, but you need water to drink, carefully, and to cook. The importance of staying hydrated, especially if you are going to be doing some running is just as critical as when you were at home. This will probably be the heaviest item you will have in this kit.

Food is another thing you must have and the lighter the items, the better. The advent of dehydrated food has really helped this regard. There are quite a few entrees available. The supplies of dehydrated fruit and other snack items will also keep our members happy as they usually taste pretty good. Yo do not want to pack a lot of cans.

A tent or tarp can be your temporary home away from home as long as it keeps the rain and other harsh weather conditions out. The sleeping bag or a set of blankets for each person is also critical. You need sleep after a day of battling the environment or other dangerous conditions. Keeping everything dry and damage free will help you accomplish a level of comfort you need.

A suitable first aid kit is absolutely necessary. This should include sanitary wipes, disinfectant and any medications your party normally takes. Bandages, compresses and some scissors or sharp knife will help administer some basic aid. Any medical pamphlets you have handy will also help understand what you are doing.

When you have to leave your home, in an emergency, having all of the basics will help you survive. Having all of this in position to grab as you head out the door will give you some peace of mind. Remember you are preparing for that day because you have no idea, right now, when that day will occur.

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