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How To Identify The Best Athens Greece Airport Shuttle Services

By Edna Booker

After landing from a long tiring flight, it is important that you get a reliable commuter means of transport. However, being able to locate one is not an easy task. Many people have complained of sexual harassment, loss of the valuables, verbal and physical abuse after choosing a wrong means. Therefore, you will find the following tips useful in enabling you choose the best Athens Greece airport shuttle services.

Registration of the shuttle is important: Different means of transport belong to different companies and associations. They have logos and lettering showing the companies they are associated with. Similarly, the drivers do also have tags containing names, registration numbers, and photo of identification. Therefore, ensure that you note all these features to be safe in case of any unfortunate incident.

Reliability of the cab: It is important to choose a cab that offers reliable services. For example, once you have booked a car to pick you up, the driver may be late. Similarly, after picking you up the driver may decide to make stopovers that are not within your schedule. Hence, request for the route, schedule, and time the car will take.

The transport fee should be fare: Transport services at landing fields are expensive. Additionally, if the drivers note that you are not a resident of the city, they are likely to take advantage. He/she may charge you expensively and even go to extreme of hiding the fare chart. Hence, ensure that you are given the fare chat that reflects the market rates.

The fare should be negotiable: Due to rise in cost of living, transport services have increased. As a result, drivers of different modes of transport tend to be strict on giving transport discount. For example, they only negotiate fees for long travels within the city. Hence, ensure that the driver is willing and ready to offer you a discount no matter the distant to be covered.

Check whether there are various means of payment: Due to security reasons, many people have stopped using cash as a mode of payment. As a result, service providers have embraced other means of payments. Payments through mobile money, debit and credit cards have become more acceptable due to their efficiency. Hence, ensure that the commuter service provider accepts such means of payments.

Check the state of the shuttle: A means of transport that is in excellent condition boosts the confidence of a commuter. Hence, confirm whether the car, bus or train undergoes regular maintenance procedures, has headlamps, seat belts, shock absorbers and many more. This will ensure you security leading to a safe journey.

Hospitality is vital: Good shuttle services involve good customer care relations. Therefore, from the word go the driver should exhibit good customer service. For instance, opening the cab door, usage of language that is not abusive and avoiding sexual explicit discussions. Similarly, the driver should maintain good hygiene at all time. This will make you feel at ease during the travel.

Consider the convenience of the means: A good means of transport should be convenient to you. For example, you should be able to do your booking at any time, picked at any convenient location, follow routes, and schedules that are convenient to you. Hence, you will be assured of services that are tailored to your needs.

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