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Important Facts About Scuba Diving Cozumel

By Edna Booker

Among the most enjoyable recreational sports is scuba diving. However, there are various risks that it comes with. The majority of accidents happen because of the fact that divers are not well trained. Some of the people do not know the way to operate the scuba equipment or they have a lack of understanding of the different effects that deep water diving comes with. In consideration of scuba diving Cozumel residents should consider various important facts.

Persons with sinus infection and breathing problems or any other serious illnesses should postpone the diving until such a time that they feel healthy. When one has sinus problems, 20 or 30 feet depths are able to create enough pressure within the ears to create some level of discomfort. It will be unwise to go for the excursions when not fully healthy. In addition, you will need to be comfortable in open water bodies, plus it is mandatory to know how to swim. If one is likely to suffer from sea sickness, they will have to take sickness pills.

For the sake of conservation, you should learn to hold your breath. This tends to increase the oxygen that is consumed. Divers are advised to breathe slowly and deeply using their diaphragm. After filling the lungs completely, you should exhale slowly. This is done to allow for the exchange of more gases in the lungs and therefore saves oxygen. For the reduction of the exertion limit and limiting of oxygen use, divers are advised to move slowly.

When kicking the fins, it should be done slowly and kicks kept within the slipstream so that the effects of drag are reduced. Movements of the arms should be minimized. People are warned against attempting to dive when they are under the influence of drugs because it is very risky. The instructions of the instructor should be keenly followed. When on the surface of the water, drinking fluids will help to keep you hydrated.

There are tips that can help to conserve oxygen and extend your bottom time. Divers who are inexperienced tend to burn through their supply of air very fast. Therefore, one of the best tips for saving air is to dive as often as possible. When one dives more, the body will get accustomed to the idea and you will breathe less.

It is recommended that one stays shallow. The deeper one swims, the more the air that will be taken from the lungs. There is nothing that can be done about the air consumed except by avoiding being deeper than one has to be. When making a transit over an uninteresting sand flat to get to the drop-off edge, this should be preferably done at 15 rather than 40 feet. This will save air.

Before purchasing equipment for diving, you should be certified by reputable agencies. Training should only be done by people who are certified. It should not be done by friends or relatives. Instructors are very qualified in specialized skills and training.

As a measure of safety, you should never go alone. It does not matter how experienced you are. You should ideally go with people who are experienced. By doing so, you are assured of safety if there are any eventualities.

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