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The Importance Of Horseback Riding Private Lessons

By Ruthie Calderon

During leisure time people like to do things that help them relax or unwind. That is why you are likely to see people engaging in sports or entertaining activities like swimming, playing golf, racing, dancing, watching movies etc. However, some people take these activities as their careers and take the necessary measures to improve on them. A good example is people who seek or take horseback riding private lessons.

Horseback riding can be simply defined as using a horse to move from one place to the other by sitting on its back. Or it can be defined as a sport where a person sits on its back and controls its movement. During sports, it is engaged mostly in racing and its preferred by people because it can race fast and controlling it is easy.

The private lessons can be taken by anyone that is, children and adults. But for children who are below six years old they should ride with the company of an adult like their mom or dad or the coach. This is so because they are unable to control the horse by themselves.

The benefits that riders will experience are; coordination and stability. The rider has to be balanced when riding and that helps him or her become stable and as he races there is a developing coordination between the thighs and the legs. The other benefit is that there is a growing relationship between the rider and the horse as this individual continues to ride on it more often, this relationship creates trust between the two.

The last benefit among many other benefits is that self-esteem, courage and confidence is created on the rider. This happens when riders overcome the challenge of riding a horse especially if she or he is a first time rider and this gives him/her the will to want to overcome any new challenge that may come on his or her way.

It is important to note that though there are benefits there are also risks that maybe involved like a horse can race faster than it was expected and end up throwing the rider to the ground causing serious injuries or leaving him or her dizzy. Apart from racing fast the horse can become frightened of something as it was racing and throw this rider to the ground.

These incidents can cause serious and permanent injuries on an individual both physically and mentally like in a case where the person becomes confined to a wheelchair as a result of race with the horse. The individual becomes traumatized to the extent of causing fear when he or she comes close to this animal.

As much there are many benefits we have seen that accidents are likely to occur that is why it is advisable that a coach or an expert helps you throughout until one feels confident enough to ride by him/herself. It is always advisable that a new rider to always think of the benefits instead of risks and be well prepared by wearing the right protective gears in case of any accidents.

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