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Adventure and Excitement in Hawaii

By Nora Seabolt

Even those who live in Hawaii enjoy traveling to the other islands.Tourists eagerly anticipate the surfing and swimming easily available in a tour across the ocean. Whether a person is a guest at or participating in a luau, the tradition creates a memorable experience.

At home it is a challenge to find all the spit roast parts so that an ordinary hunk of meat can be prepared for an outdoor meal. Banana leaves around the pig take the toxins out as it roasted in the pit for hours until it is deemed ready to eat.Food served at the luau is prepared using old recipes.

Encountering an active volcano like Kilauea allows visitors to note the flowing lava and its destruction. Watching the live action of a volcano provides a better understanding of nature.If you have friends or relatives that live in Hawaii, that is another reason to make the journey. There are a number of tour packages found at various sites across the net that combine airfare, rooms and events. Read a book at the beach or browse the open air markets, if that is your choice.Travelers will find people of all nations visiting any one of this chain of islands to relax and enjoy the tropical sunshine.

The islands of Hawaii are surrounded by water, so driving from one to another is impossible. Most airlines provide service only to the beautiful, but busy, Honolulu International Airport in Oahu. Making reservations up to a year in advance is common. Always check to see if there are any special events going on during the time you want to visit, as that will affect availability.Definitely take your digital camera and extra memory chips to capture special moments. Whether surfing in Oahu or climbing a volcano in Maui, photograph the memory.

An experience to remember in Maui is the incredible fresh vegetables and fruit found at the Farmers Market and the beautiful waters of the Pacific. Having fresh fruit for lunch will help save room for the delicious food served at the upcoming luau. Things like shimmering sand and a colorful sunset make Lahaina and Wailea seem like magical beach areas, making them popular locations for luaus in Maui.The hosts do not worry about whether a spit roast motor will fail because of the weight of the pig. After the pig has finished cooking, the luau hosts must be certain there are enough people to raise it from the pit.

Tourists enjoy splitting their journey between Oahu and one of the other islands. The Big Island of Hawaii demonstrates the wild beauty of this state. The large coffee plantations in Kona are interesting to explore. Return trips are sometimes booked before departure as tourists discover more interesting things to see and do than originally planned.

Pearl Harbor is a must-see stop with the sunken vessels visible just under the ocean surface. Citizens of many countries lost friends and relatives on that fateful December day.Even new snorkelers find the lessons quick and easy, allowing them to see underwater sights firsthand. The brilliant colors of the unique ocean plants and fish define the tropics. Even if you have visited in the past, note your favorite experience and repeat it before leaving Hawaii and heading home.

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