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Cambridge Has A Bit Of Something For Everybody

By Guy Florian

Cambridge is a place that offers a wide spectrum of different attractions to tourists. The place itself is the location of one of the top and best universities in the world with mesmerising views and surroundings. Cambridge not only attracts people for its educational prowess but is also famous for its museums, art galleries, theatres, events, historical buildings and many other things. A number of places that need special consideration have been discussed in this article.

Cambridge has a lot to offer with its many fascinating museums and galleries, restaurants, bars and old buildings. The city's most typical attribute is its cobbled streets and lanes, where one has the chance to admire the medieval architecture of centuries old buildings. These buildings have often been wonderfully preserved, so that one gets to feel the medieval ambience of that time. It goes without saying that as far as architecture is concerned, the visitor will get enraptured by Cambridge's famous, fine and majestic university, or more correctly, its university colleges.

No visit to Cambridge would be complete without a visit to one of the best and most famous attractions to witness in the city, that is of course King's College of Cambridge. This college was the established in 1441 by the great King Henry VI. For many years it was renowned as being a private university that only allowed admission of students who belonged to traditionally acclaimed families. The chapel that is situated at 90 degrees to the rest of King's College took almost ten decades to build and is the only part of the original grand plan for the college that made it to completion. These historical buildings make the city feel proud and beautiful thanks to the minute architectural detail done on the buildings. The Great St Marys church also needs special mention as its tower offers one of the highest vantage points in the city, allowing you to see the views for miles around on a clear day.

Apart from the magnificent architecture the visitor can also admire and enjoy the various types of nature that Cambridge offers, with its parks, rivers and gardens. The whole city is dispersed with all kinds of parks of different sizes, the River Cam crosses the city and the visitor should not omit spending a day at the Cambridge University's Botanic Garden. It is a unique place with 10,000 different species of plants and various types of landscapes.

Shepreth Wild Life Park is the best place to take your kids and family to if you enjoy that kind of activity. This wild life park is a home of tigers, monkeys, chimpanzees, reptiles and various other species that we don't get to see in any other zoo. Your kids can also learn a lot. In fact pony rides, elephant rides and horse riding can also be done here.

Last but not least is the University Museum of zoology, one of several different museums in Cambridge. This amazing place has lot of things to look at. The place has lot of bones from different animals like hippos, cats, dinosaurs and many other animals. The best thing about all this is that it is free so you really do not have to worry about stretching your budget. If you have every gone there, at the birds sections, you will be able to notice the two large kiwi bone samples which is amazing because kiwis are generally small in nature.

With all the above activities and many more that I have not even mentioned all, you can clearly see that you can never get bored if you visit Cambridge as it is a fascinating and beautiful city with plenty to offer all visitors.

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