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Getting To Know Ar-15 Stocks Better

By Gloria Gardner

The AR-15 was first designed for use by the US military services as a selective first fire assault rifle. Having been later commissioned for sale to the civilian population as the AR-15 stocks few out. It is an air-cooled, magazine fed, gas operated semi automatic rifle.

A truly classic rifle manufactured out of aluminium alloys and synthetic materials and popular among police armed forces and civilian shooters alike for its accuracy and modularity. A rifle that is seen countless times in both big motion pictures and in use around the world. It can easily be considered an iconic rifle of the United States of America.

There are many accessories available today for the AR-15, including a large variety of optics, hand-guards and scope attachments. It is seen as a very customizable rifle, making it very popular with gun lovers today. Most begin with a standard rifle and then start their modifications to what they find works for them.

Weighing only 5lbs to 12lbs, according to how many modifications there are, it is a very lightweight weapon. A brilliantly accurate 'out-of-box' armament, which is one of the best on the market, making it fun to work with from the word go. Its accuracy has led to many situations where enemies make first contact but miss with inaccurate weapons, allowing the AR-15 user to return fire with accuracy.

Although it does take some knowledge to maintain the AR-15 compared to the AK-47, but it is a precision tool and like any other precision tool it requires maintenance. It is therefore a very reliable gun if looked after. It cannot be left in as harsh condition as the AK-47 but nonetheless is very reliable.

The versatility of the weapon proves itself being able to switch easily to a upper calibre round in a mere moments, or refit another scope as quickly. The ar-15 stocks a range of rounds. It takes the 5.56mm rounds normally, which there are many of, such as hollow points, steel penetrators, open tip match, bonded and soft point all work sublimely with this rifle.

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