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Southern Israel - Attractions

By Ariel Wise

Traveling and tracking the southern part of Israel is a great adventure for youngsters as well as families. Travelers who are also looking for nice adventures and attractions in the area will find abundance of sport activities, children activities, romantic houses, natural farms and more.There are many Kibbutz and farms that offer petty zoos for children. The petty zoos have horses, chickens, reptiles and more. There also places for children to feed the animals.Parents can also enjoy the experience, watching their children having fun and then eating a fresh pita bread with white cheese and hyssop. The best time to travel is during the summer and the spring. During the rainy season it is important to check the weather report and to see if there is a danger of floods

.Bedouin hospitality is one of the recognition signs of the area as they offer a rare glimpse to a rare lifestyle. The travelers can spend the night in wide Bedouin tens and enjoy music and home made Bedouin food.

Attraction for the sport fans: those who are looking for activities that make the blood run in the body faster there are many challenging tracks for jeeps, bicycles, ATV as well as rappelling and more. The activity is suitable both for those are experienced and for those who are not. In each one of those centers you can hire the relevant equipment and the services of a guide. Also, there are many festivals that are conducted in the south. The festivals are for music lovers, new age and spiritual seekers and more.

Many travelers can not skip the fun part: shopping. So we mentioned desert and beautiful blue skies but shopping lovers are not neglected and can find many shopping centers in THE Southern capital Beer-Sheva.

Mitzpe Ramon is a considered one of the most amazing place to travel in Israel as it has an amazing carters known for its wild animal life and rare types of flora. The place is for hardcore hikers and adventurers. The place offers an unusual experience and lots to see. The city itself is surrounded by unique farms where you can find B&B's and hostels.

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