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What A Nice Holiday One Can Discover On The Island Of Crete

By Andreas Pantelidis

If you would like stay in a warm and inviting Mediterranean climate, it is not difficult to book some amazing spots. From a lovely vacation apartment in Crete you can discover what a nice holiday really is. Here are just a few reasons to come to Crete, and leave the rest of the world behind.

Crete is an island to the south of Greece and you will find excellent weather for relaxation. This is especially true if you visit between the months of April and October. There is very little rain and lots of warm sunshine to enjoy. Although winter may be a little cooler and windier, it is still comfortable.

One will find a lot to do in Crete while on holiday. The majority of its inhabitants are located to the northern parts of the coast, and some very fine accommodations can be found in this area. You might wish to check out the Northwestern section known as Chania. For a reasonable price one can rent a wonderful villa in Chania.

Chania is the name of the capital city of Chania and it contains an old and new section. The old town takes one back into the past with its old world charm and atmosphere. You will discover many buildings that have lived through WWII bombings. For those that love night life activities, go to the main square.

Chania has many museums for your enjoyment. Perhaps you would like to go to the Byzantine Museum that is located within the confines of a very old church building. Inside this museum you can see what the Franciscan monks call home many centuries ago. However, you may not take pictures in many parts of this museum.

Maybe you would like to sit on the beach and enjoy the warm atmosphere. You can find comfort in one of many beaches and some of them have few people and are located in remote areas. You may have to climb a lot of steps and travel back trails, but you will encounter what most people consider to be paradise.

If you would like to know what a nice holiday is, consider visiting the island of Crete. You will have a wide variety of things to do and experience. You can find some great places to enjoy the local Mediterranean cuisine and climate, and have a most unforgettable time.

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