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Clearing Airport Security Is The Worst Part Of Traveling

By Kyle Piraino

As someone who has traveled a lot in my lifetime, I understand the frustration that flying can cause. The amount of energy that it takes out of you is pretty incredible considering the fact that you spend the majority of your time sitting. Between driving to the airport early in the morning, the huge lines waiting to clear airport security, or the long waits for you plane that will inevitably be delayed, the whole situation consists of a lot of waiting.

One of the most infuriating parts of the process is the lines trying to clear airport security. No matter how early you get to the airport, there is always a line that seems never ending. During the holidays it gets even worse. You could get there two hours early and end up missing your flight because of the security check.

There are a handful of things that must be done once you are at the airport. You have to check bags, get through security, check in at your gate, get your boarding pass and other small things. But once you have done that, what you're left with is a lot more waiting. The whole process consists of 90% waiting.

There are two paths that you can take when dealing with airports. You could take a risk and arrive to the airport around an hour before and hope nothing delays you, or you can get there two hours early and end up sitting at your gate for an hour and a half. Neither is a great choice, but missing your flight is probably not the smartest route.

The best thing about flying if you can afford it is sitting in first class. Between the foot room, the food, the comfy seats, there is nothing good about coach. The worst thing in the world is sitting in coach once you have tasted first class. You are immediately spoiled once your bottom sits in a first class seat and you never want to go near coach again.

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