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Why Americans Need To Find Answers To Fly Clear

By Greg Diener

With the world moving ever so fast, something that we can depend on most of the time is riding on a plane to fly clear. A lot of individuals rely on journeying onto a plane as part of the responsibilities of their job. Just imagine if some workers who absolutely need to travel to reach their business meetings didn't have airplanes to get to distant locations.

But one of the biggest apprehensions that people have had on their minds is the issue with airport security. With all the problems we hear on the news regarding the safety of many Americans overseas, we have to keep a constant eye on what is going on with the latest terror threats on this country. We all do not want to be faced in a crisis where we might overlook something that could be perceived as a threat for everyone at the airport.

Defense at the airport is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. The largest problem at the airport that we hear on the news is issues regarding the treatment of airport security. You know the stories from the time when an airport had to be delayed for a few hours because of suspicious materials to some yahoo trying to pass a gun through the gate. While most of the time these situations are very serious, a good percentage of these delays turn out to result from frivolous matters and these only serve to give passengers headaches.

But for these passengers, some form of sanity is emerging into place to make their travels a little easier for them. One option that has recently jumped up is CLEAR a biometrical data service, which stores a passenger's data onto a card which can be reviewed at a participating airport that uses it. For an annual fee it serves as a pass to get past the airport's long lines without the frequent delays that sometimes happen. While you still have to be subjected to an airport pat-down, this service has the opportunity to reach millions of Americans who count on getting to work through the airplane.

I am hopeful that we will continue to see airport security be refined to understand the threats we face on an everyday basis. I also think that we have to find some similar ideas like CLEAR to give passengers the freedom to fly, without worrying about terrors hanging in the back of their minds. For those who depend on needing planes to get to work, I only expect that we begin to see more new options begin to enter the picture.

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