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The High School Football Recruiting By Colleges

By Coleen Cote

When colleges engage in high school football recruiting it is a very intense affair. Each college wants to get the finest athletes they can. The process gets quite a bit of media attention. The fans of college sports and the experts on the game all want to know which teams are going to be the strongest next season. The colleges offer scholarships to these athletes.

Getting some of the best athletes is extremely important. Colleges realize that coaching players can only improve his level of play so far the athletes must have raw talent and be of a particular size to begin with. The colleges who get the best players have the greatest chances of being the top contenders to win the national college football championships. This helps the institution to maintain the reputation of its sports program. The strongest teams attract the best players.

In addition to the player having the best football talent, the college recruiter will be looking for adequate academic performance. The player must have the minimum GPA (grade point average) and SAT scores to enter the college. The players size is also an important consideration. The player should not be too small.

There are websites that have information on the high school football players such as their physical statistics, game averages pictures and videos of the players. These websites allow the recruiters to easily compare and contrast athletes across the country. This is the major way they would identify the group of players they want to focus on. Players also send their information and videos of their games to colleges that they like so that they are considered by those colleges.

The recruiting process is governed by strict rules laid down by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) the body that regulates college football. If the NCAA rules are not followed colleges they may face fines or punishment for illegal recruiting practices. These rules serve to protect the student athletes who are young and vulnerable.

Freshmen and sophomore students are not to be contacted by recruiters but colleges can distribute camp brochures and questionnaires to them. Beginning September 1 of the school year recruiters may mail recruiting materials to students in their junior year and phone them once from April 15 to May 31. This allows colleges to introduce themselves to the student athletes without any pressure.

Between July 1 and before the start of the season off campus contact is acceptable in the senior year. After September 1 of the senior year recruiters are allowed to get in touch with the players once per week but no authorized visits to the schools until after the start of the senior players classes.

National Signing Day is usually the first Wednesday in February. This is the first day that a senior may sign a National Letter of Intent for college football. This means he has signed a binding agreement to attend that college and that college will give him a scholarship. The player may no longer be courted by other colleges. Players may commit to a college of their choice at any time but they can still be courted by other colleges and change their minds until they have signed a National Letter of Intent on or after National signing Day.This is the culmination of high school football recruiting.

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