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Make Your Vacation Memorable by Swimming with the Yucatan Whale Sharks

By Linda Patterson

It is believed by almost all of the people that whale sharks are not sociable and are scary creatures. It has been one of the misconceptions for this mammal creature. They are actually friendly and sociable as opposed to this. These adorable mammals would love to swim with humans provided you will not touch them to avoid scaring. Visiting Mexico is best place for you to prove this. Yucatan Peninsula which is a place blessed with beautiful underworld is a must see.

These whale sharks are eating shoals of sardines and mackerel or plankton in the sea. They are not harmful to humans as you may think. The huge size of Rhincodon Typus, the Whale Shark which could be compared to a bus is what makes it the biggest mammal of the sea. The approximate length is 40 ft and weighs 47,000 lbs. Some unconfirmed reports say that there are even larger sizes and heavier weights. They would migrate to Isla Mujeres on May through October to mate. This is what makes travel adventure in Mexico more exciting and fun.

During summer, it is always best to rejuvenate and have a break from your busy life in work or school. An ideal family and friend's adventure would be a trip to the beach would be. When you want to get up-close with the whale sharks, Yucatan Peninsula is the best destination. In Isla Mujeres, there is a festival that allows you to enjoy many different activities in the Isla at the same time, to experience the one of the greatest adventure you will ever have, diving with the Whale Sharks and take pictures with them. This is what you do not want to miss when you visit the place made the place famous.

It will take you an hour of boat ride in reaching the place but the view is breathtaking. Experienced guides will bring you to the diving spot. Usually, there are 10 people in the boat but will not dive altogether to avoid scaring the sharks and injuries as well. You will be able to swim with them and take pictures but you are not allowed to touch and feed them. Sun block protects the skin from the ultra violet rays but only echo friendly creams and lotions are allowed.

There are different islands that you can visit in Yucatan Peninsula such as Isla Mujeres and HolBox Island for breathtaking views and to experience unforgettable Whale Shark Diving. You will definitely enjoy Mexico and the beautiful places in it when you are a marine lover.

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