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Celtic Tours Open Up Some Great Historical Experiences

By Lance Trombly

The word 'Celtic' continues to alter in its precise meaning as historians discover more about the past. The word is generally used though to refer to the cultures and peoples of certain countries in Western Europe which were never totally overwhelmed by the incursions of Germanic culture during the period after the fall of the Roman Empire. Celtic tours would generally take in at least one of the following places: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany.

If you are visiting mainland Britain, then Scotland, Wales and Cornwall are all easily accessed from England. North Wales is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to hear Welsh spoken as an everyday language. There are also many imposing castles, most of which were built in the Middle Ages by Anglo-Norman kings who wanted to keep the locals in their place.

Another country where the legacy of the Celts is strong is Scotland, and Gaelic is still spoken in the Highlands and Islands, where the culture of the Celts survived longer than elsewhere. The Highlands is the home of Britain's wilderness and genuine mountains, but there are historical cities like Inverness as well as charming villages and misty mountain glens. A bi-lingual culture also exists to an extent here, even in Inverness itself.

Another country with a treasure trove of Celtic history is, of course, Ireland. Ireland castle tours mean that travellers can see what life was like in Medieval Ireland, when Danes and Anglo-Normans fought with the natives, like King Brian Boru. Close to Cork, in the south east of Ireland, is blarney Castle, where visitors can kiss the famous stone.

But you are not limited to touring historical sites in Ireland. There is much to enjoy in the way of local produce and drink, and Ireland is justifiably renowned for the hospitality of its people. Visits to great cultural cities such as Dublin or Galway allow visitors to experience more of what contemporary Ireland can offer.

Scotland and Wales also possess really great cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff. All these places have their own distinctive local cultures and dialects, and offer a great range of urban facilities. The music scene in Celtic countries is always worth checking out.

Celtic tours are enlightening and entertaining, whichever country of the Celtic Fringe that you decide to visit. Whether you are hearing Gaelic or welsh spoken in the street for the first time, or standing on the walls of an ancient keep with the wind in your hair, you will not forget your trip. Begin celebrating your inner Celt today and plan your trip.

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