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A List Of Crossfit Equipment For Home

By Tamika Powell

The cross fit craze has been one of the biggest things in the exercise industry since it started in the year 2000. Basically, this exercise program offers a very short but intense workout routine that requires consistency and a lot of stamina for it to work. So for those who would want to start right away without going to the gym, here are the best pieces of crossfit equipment for home.

So in a nutshell, this is an exercise routine that is made out of smaller routines that last for a short while. The maximum duration of the routines would be twenty minutes or less. The workouts vary from weightlifting to cardio exercises and many more. Every week, one will have seven different sets of exercises that he will do every day of the week.

The weightlifting bar is probably the most basic and most essential tool of them all. One must buy a sturdy bar so that he can lift it in quick motions so that he can be able to strengthen his body quickly. Always remember to never buy a weightlifting bar that actually bends.

No routine is complete without the pull ups. Pulls ups are meant to work the entire upper body because it takes the whole upper strength to do. If one cannot afford a pull up system, he may just get a few pipes and hook them together one by one.

Next in the list would be a squat stand which is actually just a stand where one will be able to hold on to when he does his squats. The reason why this thing is good is because it will eliminate all of the cramps and other trouble making pains in the legs that prevent it from moving well. That way, one will not tire easily after doing a bunch of squats.

A kettle bell is also a very good and useful tool that one can add to the list of cross fit arsenal. Basically, it is a very heavy ball like object that people will just lift up and down so that they can make their upper body and to some extent, even the core stronger. In a nutshell, it builds up the shoulders, the arms, and the chest area while it also slightly works on the abdominal area if it is used correctly.

Last on the list is the medicine ball because this little tool will help with the power and strength training of the person who uses it. The thing about these medicine balls is that it was originally used as a form of therapy in the field of sports medicine. Gyms have discovered that these balls can actually be used to bring out the maximum power of athletes If they exercise with it consistently.

So for those who are interested, here is some of the best crossfit equipment for home. These are pretty much the only basic tools that one will be able to use when he enters this program. Before training, one must always take note though that he should never ever go too much beyond his limit or else he will destroy his own body.

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