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All Inclusive Vacation Considerations

By Karen Puckett

If you are considering an all-inclusive vacation, then you are surely in for a treat! However, there are plenty of things to be aware of and good pointers to know before booking, and I'm here to help explain them to you.

For starters, spend plenty of time considering the type of vacation that you want to go on and the location you want to choose. There are tons of different types of all-inclusive vacations. Plenty are designed for families, and include kid-friendly activities for all ages, and other vacation packages are more geared towards couples, and are suited for adult-friendly relaxation, including spa treatments and plenty of adult beverages. Make sure you that factor location in as an important detail. Traveling abroad should always be approached responsibly, as safety is a number one priority. Crime rates can be much higher than expected in certain regions or cities, and also keep in mind the distance and amount of time it will take to get to and from the airport.

Secondly, weight your desired budget against your preferred type of experience. Cost and budget will be a huge determining factor in the type of vacation that you book, and determine much of what you can make available for yourself. For instance, some options appear more inexpensive to start, however by the time you pay for all the "extras" at the end of the trip, you've spent just as much (or more!) money than by just booking the more expensive option to begin with. If being able to drink top-shelf liquors all day every day is important to you, or unlimited included spa treatments is a huge perk, perhaps consider investing in a more expensive option from the get go, as it could end up saving you money in the long run.

Also, take into heavy account the type of dining experiences offered and their partnering beverage deals. Take note of how many meals per day are served, whether snack options are available, and if there is any offering of a late night menu or grille. Many places do offer all of these things, however it isn't necessarily the case. To avoid eating only from a buffet all week, and being limited solely to complimentary wine and beer, read the fine print to make sure that you are getting all of the perks with food and beverages that you want and need. In all cases, non-alcoholic drinks including water, sodas and juices should always be on the house.

Finally, definitely consider the activities that are available. Each company will include a number of activities that are covered, however some may not be, and often those are the ones that are the most sought out, including jet skiing, scuba diving, and golf. Do your research, and then, enjoy your vacation!

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