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The Greatest South America Vacation Destinations

By Bertulda Zerna

For a lovely holiday experience that provides you with plenty to see and do, the southern part of the Americas is hard to beat. Indeed, there are a number of great South America vacation destinations that you will be able to avail of. Among such top locations are the following.

For starters, a perfect setting for a perfectly good break is Rio de Janiero in Brazil. Blending the cultures of the Europeans, the Americans and the Africans into a heady Brazilian mix provides you with a beautiful and cultural place. Much natural beauty can be appreciated here as well.

An example of such great natural beauty is the Tijuca National Park, which is home to the Corcovado. The scenery of the city itself, built in a mountainous area and surrounded by sea, is a feast of nature. In any event, Rio de Janiero is one place you will not regret going to.

Another Latin hotspot that should be found appealing is Buenos Aires in Argentina. Popularly regarded as the Paris of Mesoamerica, Buenos Aires is an affordable home to artists and entrepreneurs. And it is in that sentence that the Parisian comparison can be found.

Due to this appeal, the city has poured much investment into removing its slums and facilitating development. Now the old abandoned warehouses have been replaced with art studios, restaurants and hotels. Restaurants in particular do make up a key part of the night life, due to Argentinians' predilection for eating late.

In contrast to the other two places, a lot of people think twice about the notion of visiting Chilean Santiago. At first glance, it is not difficult to figure out why. The center of the city is perennially choked with smog, which cannot be an appealing feature for many a holidaymaker.

But look beyond the congestion of the city center and you will find much to enjoy. The Barrio Brasil quarter, for instance, is a quaint bohemian area with an artistic presence that rivals Buenos Aires. And the nearby Andes mountains east of the city gives Santiago a surrounding natural beauty to rival that of Rio de Janiero.

For the pure naturalist, though, the Galapagos Islands to the west of Ecuador cannot be beaten. These islands were the place Charles Darwin went to on the HMS Beagle during the 19th century when studying nature. And the wildlife here was the inspiration for his evolutionary ideas.

In addition to the teeming flora and fauna that dot this archipelago, many animals also make this area their habitat. Seals, crabs, lizards, iguanas and sea lions thrive abundantly here. It is small wonder, then, that Darwin was able to find inspiration in this remote yet beautiful place.

In summary, some of the best South America vacation destinations can be gleaned from the above with relative ease. If you are looking for a good holiday, this continent in general is a better than average choice. But if you want to make the most of your time here, bear the above locations firmly in mind.

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