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Mother's Day in Three Different Countries

By Emily Collins

Despite having slight differences in custom, one thing remains consistent throughout all countries on Mother's Day: the mother is the centre of attention and is rightly revered for the tremendous work, care and support given to the family each year.

In Mexico, Mother's Day takes place annually on May 10. And, as with all Mexican festivals, it is celebrated with much colour and gusto. The eve of Mother's Day is also important, with children visiting their mums the night before too. On the actual day, a special church mass takes place, which usually includes the involvement of an orchestra and the sharing of tamale (stuffed leaves) and atole (hot sweet drink) - a custom morning meal on special occasions.

In Spain Mother's Day is known as Dia de la Madre and has religious undertones. On this day Spaniards not only recognise the love and care given by their mothers, but also pay tribute to the Virgin Mary. The holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday in May and observed throughout the country. Children give gifts of chocolate and flowers, as well as handcrafted presents too. Check for plenty of great deals if you're looking to visit Spain this year.

South African's celebrate Mother's Day in May. This occasion is celebrated in true spirit by the South African people and recognises the sanctity of motherhood and thanking their mothers for the years of care given. Mothers are treated to the typical pampering seen in west, such as breakfast in bed and being waited on hand-and-food. Elder children buy flowers, confectionery and other presents, while youngsters tend to make the gifts themselves.

If there is one person worth splashing out on, it's definitely your mother. For more information on these exciting holiday destinations and many more, visit My Travel, and who knows if you're feeling generous you could treat your mum to Mother's Day in a different destination.

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